2. Paperback Swap

Have a bunch of used books that you know you aren’t going to read again? Why not free up space on your shelves by using Paperback Swap? The concept is simple. Create an account and list your unwanted books. When someone finds a book they want of yours, simply pay the postage and send it off. You earn credits for every swap you complete and can use those toward your own book hunt!

When you find one you like, request it and you’re done, postage for the book you want comes already paid. Found a book but it’s not in stock? Simply wish list it and get notified by email when it comes in, or skip the confirmation and have it sent directly to you! Any books you get are yours to keep, or swap them for new books! It’s that easy. Sign up is free and the benefits are great for those of us who love to read but lack the shelf space to keep just any book.

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