Why It Sucks to Be a Slow Reader ...


Why It Sucks to Be a Slow  Reader  ...
Why It Sucks to Be a Slow  Reader  ...

With so many new releases to devour every single month the world of literature is seriously a fast-paced one! This is a great thing in terms of variety, but it can be a bit of a nightmare if you are someone who happens to be a slow reader! Unfortunately, not all of us can read four or five full novels in a week. Instead we like to take our time and can sometimes only manage a chapter a night before we feel our eyelids drooping! Here are a few reasons why it sucks to be a slow reader!

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Behind Trend

No matter how how hard you plug away at new releases, you always seem to be behind on the new big thing and big trends. This can really suck when you love literature but are never current enough in your reading habits to be able to join in on all of the latest hot topic debates and discussions!



You are constantly getting spoiled because you read and hear people talking about book spoilers that you haven’t managed to get to yet! They might not mean to, but some articles, social media posts, and forum thread titles are filled with details that might seem totally acceptable to them, but are chapters worth of reading still to go for you!


Goodreads Reading Challenge

Many book lovers have Goodreads accounts, and one of the cool features that the site offers is to set yourself a target for how many books you are going to read in the year. Of course, if you are a slow reader, then you probably won’t make as much progress in that goal as some of your friends, and seeing your small numbers compared to other people’s big ones can be really annoying and stressful!



It takes you so long to actually finish a book, that you often end up forgetting what you have read and some of the more important plot points from previous chapters. It’s like watching one episode of Game Of Thrones in May, and then waiting until September to watch the next!



You are constantly being judged by fellow readers for not being able to get though a novel in a classic book club speed. They might not even know they are doing it, but there is definitely a side of passive aggression whenever you tell someone that you have only managed two or three chapters since the last time you spoke!


Library Fees

And the library is just as aggressive! You are constantly owing late fees to your local establishment because they expect you to be finished way earlier than you ever are!



You love visiting the bookstore but feel guilty about buying new books when you still have piles you haven’t even gotten around to opening yet. Still, you know you’ll get there one day so you buy the latest from your favourite author anyway.

I know these are all reasons why it sucks to be a slow reader, but I love it really and will continue to devour every word of the books I choose to read.

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