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Many critics and fans around the world agree that most of the love quotes from The Notebook are unrivaled in their powerful message and intricate imagery. When it comes to writing heartwarming (and sometimes heart-wrenching) romance stories, author Nicholas Sparks is an expert. From their raw passion to their often rocky romance, I don't think it's possible for a greater love story to exist than that of Noah and Allie's. This super couple singlehandedly raised the bar for love. Check out these sweet quotes from The Notebook - although nothing can prep you for the tears that may be shed.

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Love Isn't Easy

Love Isn't Easy As one of the most famous quotes from The Notebook, the utter sincerity embedded into the very core of these words always renders me speechless. Hearing Noah Calhoun lay his feelings bare for all to see was an incredible moment. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that in order for things to work, you have to put forth your best effort to make it happen. This is very reminiscent of a line from the song "You Can't Hurry Love," which mentions that love isn't something that comes easy.


Best Friend

Best Friend The idea of being someone's one true love and confidant leaves behind a sweet image. In order for a relationship to thrive, it must first be built on a foundation of trust and respect. Love and friendship should always be interchangeable; when you love someone enough, you will feel comfortable being yourself around them.


In Spite of the Differences

In Spite of the Differences It's true that opposites really do attract. Coming from completely diverse backgrounds and societal expectations initially keeps Noah, who comes from a poor background, and heiress Allie Hamilton apart. In spite of their different upbringings, their lives still crash into each other. When it comes to true romance, social status shouldn't mean anything. Love will always transcend all obstacles.


Love Story

Love Story There's no question that their relationship is one of the greatest stories of this lifetime. Patience is certainly a virtue; Noah's willingness to wait for Allie to come around proves that. The fact that they get to grow old together and enjoy each other's presence (despite the countless challenges thrown their way) is very touching.


All the Poets

All the Poets This next line gets me every single time. The level of intensity and passion instilled into each word is just mind-blowing. As poetry has always been considered the language of love, it only makes sense that Noah personifies her as living and breathing poetry.



Enough The images of candlelit rooms, fulfilling conversations, and being treated with love and respect are what come to mind when hearing Noah's admission. I find the thought of someone falling so irrevocably in love that they are more than content with the little things in life quite astonishing. It's important to find someone that gives you all of the respect that you deserve. You shouldn't have to hope to be treated like you are special; it should just come naturally.


Passion Ignited

Passion Ignited Last, it was difficult to get through these lines. From defining his feelings for Allie through the eyes of a poet to praising their passionate romance for igniting their souls, everything about this book is simply beautiful. This certainly elevated their love story into one for the ages. He is so blinded by his love for her that he doesn't care about being logical or making sense. That is a truly powerful thing to admit.

The list of heartfelt quotes from this phenomenal story could go on forever. What are your favorite quotes from The Notebook? Which book by Nicholas Sparks is your favorite?

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Love this xoxo

love every single one of these quotes ??

So beautiful!'

Good movie

my favorite book would probably be either the notebook or the last song. those are my top 2 books


The notebook


Love love love this!

Really great

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