Hanging Shelves That Will Stun and Amaze You ...


Hanging Shelves That Will Stun and Amaze You ...
Hanging Shelves That Will Stun and Amaze You ...

Bookshelves are inspiring, don't you think? Seeing one loaded down with books just makes me want to crack one open and dive right in. Bookshelves are also great for organizing your decorative items. If you're overwhelmed when trying to come up with ideas, you are not alone. Check out these great options of hanging shelves and standing shelves and you'll be inspired to add to your home decor for displaying books or decorations.

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Ladder Bookshelf

Ladder Bookshelf Source: 25 Awesome DIY Ideas For ...
These bookshelves are as easy as hanging a couple of ladders sideways on the wall. The save space on the floor and look fantastic!


Milk Crates

Milk Crates Source: Shabby Chic Homeware and Accessories ...
These stacked crates are the perfect place to pile your books and various knick knacks.


Milk crates have long been a staple in college dorm rooms and as storage solutions for various items. However, they have recently gained popularity as a trendy and functional home decor piece. These crates, often made of plastic or wood, can be stacked to create shelving units that are both stylish and practical. In the context of the article on hanging shelves, milk crates are a great alternative to traditional bookshelves. They can be easily hung on walls or stacked on top of each other to create a unique and customizable storage solution for books and other small items. Additionally, they come in various colors and designs, making them a versatile choice for any room in the house.


Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf Source: bathroom_bookcase.jpg
Think about all the space you could save by hanging a bookshelf on the wall.


Recycled Pipes

Recycled Pipes Source: Items similar to Industrial Pipe ...
This bookshelf is simple, but you aren't likely to find one like it anywhere else.


Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

Wooden Pallet Bookshelf Source: 25 Awesome DIY Ideas For ...
Re-purposed pallets are a great choice if you're handy and want to make your own shelves.


Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf Source: Room Decor
I like how this shelf displays the spines, but the books aren't standing up like a traditional bookshelf. It's fun and colorful.


Tree Branches

Tree Branches Source: 8 Clever Ways To Display ...
This would be the perfect bookshelf for a child's bedroom or school library.


Simple Ledges

Simple Ledges Source: Big Girl Bedroom Ideas
For a small bedroom, wall ledges make a great alternative as shelves for your books.


Lots of Decor

Lots of Decor Source: MadeByGirl: Irene's Home Tour...(Via Made ...
Maybe you don't have a ton of books. Fill your shelves with decorative items to keep things from looking too bare.


Lots of Books

Lots of Books Source: John's Third Floor Flat in ...
On the other hand, if you have tons of books, there's nothing wrong with packing your shelves full of them.


Book Straps

Book Straps Source: 25 Awesome DIY Ideas For ...
What a fun and different way to keep a couple books handy.


Over the Couch

Over the Couch Source: 25 Modern Interior Design and ...
I love how the shelf continues up and over the couch. It's a unique look that is perfect for all your books or decor! Plus, it keeps it out of reach of kids.



Style Source: Green with envy eclectic home ...
The style and thought that goes with this shelf is simply amazing.


Vintage Door

Vintage Door Source: Vintage Door Repurposed Bookshelf- from ...
This old door makes for a great leaning bookshelf.


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Source: Worth the Wait
Make your bookshelf pop by painting the back of it a fun, bright color like the yellow on this one.


Color Coded

Color Coded Source: For the Home
I think it's cool how the books are color coded. It adds to the visual appeal of the entire look, don't you think?


Built Ins

Built Ins Source: Books, Books...Everywhere Books!
My dream home will have loads of built ins for all my books.


Fill the Wall

Fill the Wall Source: Chic and Unique
Can you imagine having so many books that your collection fills an entire wall?


Recylcled Materials

Recylcled Materials Source: Vintage Door Repurposed Bookshelves
Here's another great example of how you can use an old door instead of throwing it out for the trash.


For the Kids

For the Kids Source: DIY Bookshelf Made From Crates
The bright colors of this bookshelf make it perfect your child's bedroom or playroom.


Low Shelves

Low Shelves Source: Space Saving Book Shelves and ...
Bookshelves don't have to be super tall. These low ones work just fine.


US Map Bookshelf

US Map Bookshelf Source: 24.media.tumblr.com
Totally unique and really cool, don't you think? This would be fabulous in an office or classroom.


Super Symmetrical

Super Symmetrical Source: I tried
The symmetry of this bookshelf makes it look tidy and interesting at the same time.


Decor Books

Decor Books Source: How to Style Shelves | ...
This is a great idea for books you don't plan to read, but are simply for display.


Wallpaper Bookshelf

Wallpaper Bookshelf Source: Wallpaper Wonder
Instead of paint, you can wallpaper the backs of your bookshelves for a fun new look.


Sheep Shelves

Sheep Shelves Source: 6 Clever Kid's Room Organizers
This cute little bookshelf would also look fun painted a bright color.


Yet Another Door Bookshelf

Yet Another Door Bookshelf Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This old red door makes a perfect place to keep books.


Up the Stairs

Up the Stairs Source: SpaceSays… | Postris
This has to be one of the coolest bookshelves I've ever seen.



Light Source: Top 60 Furniture Makeover DIY ...
Placing the bookshelf near the window is a great way to use natural light to enhance the look.


Woodland Creatures

Woodland Creatures Source: Happy Tree Bookshelf with 4 ...
This is the ultimate bookshelf for decorating a nursery.


Fun Colors

Fun Colors Source: DIY Bookshelf Ideas with Pallet ...
I like how the brightly colored books bring life the neutral colors.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to make over your shelves. Do you like the look of hanging shelves? I have a few in my house and I adore them! What other ideas do you have?

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