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Which Hogwarts House Would Your Zodiac Sign Put You in?

By Melly

Have you ever which Hogwarts House would your zodiac sign put you into? For more than twenty years, the world has been able to enjoy the magical, marvelous, magnificent world of Harry Potter. Thanks to the creative genius of JK Rowling, the wizarding world has become something so real and so tangible in culture and society that, to some, it almost feels just as real as their everyday lives!

If you, like many of us here, are a Harry Potter fanatic, then you will be well aware that one of the aspects of the wizarding world that has become most popular in real life is the process of deciding and choosing what Hogwarts House you would be sorted in to if you were ever lucky enough to receive a coveted letter of admission to the magical school. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Four historic and esteemed houses, all with their own individual set of strengths and weaknesses. At the start of every student’s time at Hogwarts, they are required to put on the famous Sorting Hat and let it decide which house they are going to represent for their entire school career.

In your mind, you might have an idea of what House you would be sorted into if given the chance, but have you ever stopped to consider whether the stars are inclined to agree with your choice? Astrology can provide answers to a lot of things, and Hogwarts Houses are certainly no exception! Here is a great video that tells you which Hogwarts House would your zodiac sign put you into.

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