7 Books You Need on Your Coffee Table Right Now ...


7 Books You Need on Your Coffee Table Right Now ...
7 Books You Need on Your Coffee Table Right Now ...

Is there anything better than a coffee table book? I just love them. They create such a great focal point for your room and your coffee table, and they’ll really get the conversation started if they’re good coffee table books. I love leaving books on my coffee table because usually they’re easy enough for people to flip through but they also get people talking. If you’re looking for the perfect books to decorate your coffee table, this is definitely the list to check out!

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Kate Spade All in Good Taste

Kate Spade All in Good Taste amazon.com
Kate Spade created a book so perfect for a coffee table that it already comes with a cup ring on the cover! It contains everything you need to be the perfect Kate Spade girl, from recipes to entertaining advice, personal essays, and everything in between. If there’s ever anything you’ve wanted to ask the people behind Kate Spade, this is the book to answer all of your questions!


Other People’s Love Letters by Bill Shapiro

Other People’s Love Letters by Bill Shapiro amazon.com
I keep this book on my own coffee table, because I love the conversations it starts. It’s a book full of, quite literally, other people’s love letters, and it always sparks interesting conversations. Some were written on receipts, others sent in emails, but all in all, they all have great meaning and depth behind them.


Your Personal Horoscope 2016 by Joseph Polansky

Your Personal Horoscope 2016 by Joseph Polansky amazon.com
I came across an earlier edition of this book years ago randomly in Barnes and Noble, and ever since, I’ve kept the updated version on my coffee table. I love keeping astrology books out and about, because even if you don’t believe in astrology, you can’t help but stop and flip through it. Everyone loves to read about whether or not what’s in the book is true, and this one is so detailed that you’ll spend a lot of time reading it!


“Seinfeld” Coffee Table Coffee Table Book

“Seinfeld” Coffee Table Coffee Table Book amazon.com
Remember that coffee table coffee table book from Seinfeld that Kramer wrote? This is just about as close as you will ever get to buying that book as you will get. It’s a coffee table book about coffee tables, and if your friends are Seinfeld fans, they will surely get the reference!


Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple Magazine amazon.com
I love to keep a magazine on my coffee table because even though I don’t live in a doctor’s office, sometimes people just find comfort in flipping through a magazine. I always go for home décor and design magazines, such as Real Simple, because the pictures are absolutely stunning and look great on a coffee table!


Home: Ellen DeGeneres

Home: Ellen DeGeneres amazon.com
I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I was ecstatic when Ellen announced that she was releasing a book about her different homes. When she’s not hosting her own TV show or voicing Dory, she loves to decorate, renovate, and flip houses, and a bunch of them are featured in this book. Who wouldn’t want this little chunk of beauty on display in your own home?


100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman

100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman amazon.com
If you’re a fashion aficionado, this book is the perfect piece to keep on your coffee table. It highlights the most beautiful fashion trends from the past 100 years. It’s sure to catch the attention of your guests, and it will look so fabulous on your coffee table!

What’s your favorite coffee table book? Do you keep any of these on your coffee table? Will you start to now? Let me know in the comments!

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The stain on the cover of the Kate Spade book looks like a red wine glass stain to me lol

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