10 Romance Books to Read if You Love Bad Boys ...

By Holly

10 Romance Books to Read if You Love Bad Boys  ...

We all love bad boys. Of course, they usually don't make the best boyfriends. That's why you should aim to date a nice boy in real life, and stick to reading about sexy bad boys in your books. If you're interested in the idea, here are a few of the best romance books that contain bad boys:

1 Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens amazon.com

How amazing would it be to date a local rock star? Well, the main character in this book gets to do just that. Of course, she's not used to the excitement that his type of life entails. Her boyfriend of two years was a sweet, tender man. He's the complete opposite of the rock star who has just entered her life.

2 Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning amazon.com

This is another story for all of you ladies who wish you could hook up with a band member. It's about a psychologist who goes on tour with a popular band in order to study the behavior of fans. However, while she's trying to do her work, every single boy in the band tries to seduce her. Don't you wish you had those types of problems?

3 Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan amazon.com

How do you feel about men on motorcycles? If you wish your boyfriend rode one, then you'll get heavily invested in this dark, heartbreaking book. The main character grew up with bikers, so their lifestyle is all that she knows. That's why she ends up falling madly in love with a man who was raised the same way.

4 Rule: a Marked Man by Jay Crownover

Rule: a Marked Man by Jay Crownover amazon.com

This book is about an innocent girl who falls in love with a bad boy with tons of tattoos and piercings. Yes, it's a little stereotypical, but don't you love those types of stories? If you do, you'll love reading about the way their relationship evolves over the course of time.

5 Own the Wind: a Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley

Own the Wind: a Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley amazon.com

This is another story about motorcycle clubs. The main character is the daughter of the club's leader, which is why some boys are terrified to talk to her. Of course, that doesn't matter to her, because she goes after what she wants.

6 Rock the Heart by Michelle a. Valentine

Rock the Heart by Michelle a. Valentine amazon.com

Imagine breaking up with your ex, but then he becomes a famous rock star? That's what happens to the main character in this novel. Even worse, she's forced to see him again after his band hires the marketing company where she's interning. It doesn't take her long to realize she's not over him, even though he doesn't seem like the same man she once knew.

7 Trouble by Samantha Towle

Trouble by Samantha Towle amazon.com

This novel is about a damaged girl who meets a man who's only interested in easy women. He's "a whole bunch of dirty hotness, tattooed, cocky bad boy, who made his money at poker tables and picked his women up in bars." Of course, the heart wants what the heart wants, which is why she can't stop herself for falling for him, even though she knows it's a huge mistake.

8 Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen

advertising, muscle, poster, arm, brand, amazon.com

Heartbroken yet again, Whitney Porter is swearing off men. After landing her dream job she encounters bad boy hockey stud Hudson Decker, who is convinced he can land Whitney until she becomes more than he bargained for.

9 Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Bistro, poster, font, drink, DISASTER, amazon.com

College hunk Travis Maddox has no idea what he's about to get into when trying to win over reformed girl Abby Abernathy. The two make a bet-he loses and remains abstainent for a month, she loses and has to live at his apartment for the same amount of time. There's only one way this can end....

10 Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2011), AAMFT, poster, font, advertising, amazon.com

The sequel to Beautiful Disaster is told from the point of view of Abby Abernathy's bad boy Travis Maddox. Learning from his mother before her death to love hard and fight harder, we see how he feels about his relationship with Abby. (And don't forget the third novel in the series "A Beautiful Wedding").

There's something sexy about bad boys, which is why it's so exciting to read love stories about them. What's your favorite novel that includes a hot bad boy?

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Love this book!!


I love beautiful disaster and its sequel walking disaster ❤❤


I agree with @waneKdosky. Beautiful Disaster is such a great book!


Wattpad is the best! There are like millions of Bad Boy stories, and even if it's a cliche, they always find a way to your heart


There is always something exciting about reading storylines about an innocent girl dating a bad boy. ;) I would not mind reading #4. Also, another Wattpad fan over here!!


Are there any real books on wattpad? Or are they all stories written by writers? Oh and where do I go to look for hella good reads??


Oh yeah, Wattpad is TEEMING with these stories (that wasn't sarcastic)


I prefer wattpad, there are billions of bad boy stories and it's for free


Beautiful Disaster it's so perfect and Travis is M I N E!


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