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7 Short Story Anthologies You Need on Your Bookshelf ...

By Holly

If you don't have the time or the patience to read an entire novel, you should pick up a book of short stories instead. That way, you can read a few pages at a time. Even if it takes you months to read the second story in the book, it'll have an entirely different plot, so you won't risk forgetting any important information. If you're interested in reading some enticing short stories, here are a few anthologies you need to buy for your bookshelf:

1 Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

Trigger Warning by Neil

Neil Gaiman has written classics, like Coraline, Stardust, and American Gods. That's why you need to put this book on your holiday list. It contains a bunch of short stories by him, which are all equally impressive. If you're a fan of fantasy, then you'll be a fan of Gaiman.

2 Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison

Deathbird Stories by Harlan

Harlan Ellison is the king of science fiction. This anthology contains stories about "ancient gods fading as modern society creates new deities to worship—gods of technology, drugs, gambling." It'll make you think of the world in a whole new way.


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3 X Files: Trust No One by Various Authors

X Files: Trust No One by Various

X Files is returning early next year. If you want to get in the mood to see Mulder and Scully again, then you should pick up a copy of this book. It has a bunch of short stories, all about your favorite X Files characters. They contain a little romance and a lot of adventure, just like the show always did.

4 Everything’s Evenutal by Stephen King

Everything’s Evenutal by Stephen

If you love Stephen King's novels, you'll love his short stories. They're just as amazing as his longer works, so they're bound to chill you to your core. This anthology contains fourteen separate stories that are mysterious, bloody, and nightmarish. You probably won't want to read them right before bed.

5 Stories: All New Tales by Various Authors

Stories: All New Tales by Various

Neil Gaiman was involved in this anthology. He helped choose which stories were going to be included in it, and helped with the editing process. That means they all have a professional's seal of approval. If you want to give some lesser known authors a chance to be heard, this is the anthology for you.

6 Men Undressed: Women Writers on the Male Sexual Experience by Various Authors

Men Undressed: Women Writers on the Male Sexual Experience by Various

This is an interesting topic for a book. Every story is written by a female author, but every story is about a male character. It's meant to show you what women think it's like to be a male in the bedroom. That means there's going to be some pretty raunchy scenes, so make sure you're ready for an R-rated experience.

7 Zen of the Dead by Various Authors (including Me!)

Zen of the Dead by Various Authors (including Me!)

If you love horror, you'll love this recently released Halloween-themed anthology. It contains dozens of short stories and poems inside, which you could spend hours reading. Plus, it just so happens to contain one of my short stories, Spirit Snatched. It even contains my boyfriend's short story, The Well. So if you'd like to check them out, don't hesitate to buy this spooky anthology!

Novels aren't the only thing worth reading in your spare time. There are plenty of noteworthy short stories out there, and you can find them in anthologies like these! What's your favorite short story of all time?

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