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9 Books Uber Smart Women Should Read ...

By Holly

Some books are meant to keep you entertained, but don't really stimulate your brain. However, other books will really make you think. Those are the ones that you should be reading if you want to boost your intelligence. According to Your Tango, here are a few books that smart women will love to read:

Table of contents:

  1. A woman of note by carol m. cram
  2. Beautiful affliction by lene fogelberg
  3. Big law by lindsay cameron
  4. Fates and furies by lauren groff
  5. Big magic by elizabeth gilbert
  6. Uncovered by leah lax
  7. Rooville by julie long
  8. Brave enough by cheryl strayed
  9. Why not me? by mindy kaling

1 A Woman of Note by Carol M. Cram

2 Beautiful Affliction by Lene Fogelberg

3 BIG LAW by Lindsay Cameron

4 Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

5 Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

6 Uncovered by Leah Lax

7 Rooville by Julie Long

8 Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed

9 Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

You're going to love these stories, so you should pick them up ASAP. Have you read any of these books yet?

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