Reading Hacks All Bookworms Should Know ...


Reading Hacks All Bookworms  Should Know ...
Reading Hacks All Bookworms  Should Know ...

These reading hacks will be loved by bookworms. For some people, reading is more than just a simple hobby, it’s a downright life dictating passion! If you are a true bookworm, then you will be well aware that avid readers are always on the lookout for little tips and tricks that will help to make their literary experiences more fulfilling and fun. Some tips make reading easier, some make it more comfortable and some just help to enhance the overall experience of being able to settle in with a fascinating book. If you are the kind of reader that I’m describing, then please continue down the page, because there is real treat in store for you! Here are some handy reading hacks that all bookworms should know.

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Yellow Light Bulbs

If you are an avid before bed reader, then make sure that you are using yellow light bulbs in your bedside lamps. White lights have the power the interfere with your body’s production of melatonin, and this might prevent you from being able to get to sleep after you have gotten through a chapter or two, or seven!


Reader’s Stiffness

Bed readers also tend to suffer from reader’s stiffness, which is a stiff and sore neck thanks to the propping up of your upper body with various pillows. I have found that three pillows propped up against the headboard is the perfect solution for ideal lumbar support whilst reading. Another option is to read on your side with a pillow wedged underneath your elbow, this will help to ease joint pressure and shoulder tension.


What to Read Next Jar

One the biggest problems for a bookworm is deciding what to read next, so take the decision somewhat out of your hands by adding all of the titles on your ‘to read’ list into a jar and picking one out whenever you need to start a new literary adventure. You can keep adding to the jar whenever you see a new title that takes your fancy!


Keep a Book Journal

Book hangovers are a real thing, and they are the reaction that you get when you have finished a fantastic book and don’t know what to do next! One way to process these feelings and allow yourself to move on is to keep a literary journal where you can write down all of your thoughts about the book, and this will help you on your way into being ready to move on and get another novel on the go. A great book can be like a great relationship; it can be hard to let go!



If you don’t already have a Goodreads account, then what are doing with your life!? Any self-respecting Bookworm should have a profile on this site that enables you to keep an online log of what you have read, gives you the opportunity to discuss the book with fellow readers online, and also gives you wonderful recommendations for what to read next. It’s like having a personal bookworm assistant!

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