Find Your Next Read from Suggestions in These Instagram Book Clubs ...


Find Your Next Read  from Suggestions in These Instagram Book Clubs ...
Find Your Next Read  from Suggestions in These Instagram Book Clubs ...

Did you ever think to look for your summer reading list in Instagram book clubs? When you think about Instagram, the first that come to mind are pictures that people post of their dogs, their holidays, their food etc., but also, Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular online places for up and coming book clubs? Sure, it’s not a platform that you would immediately associate with in-depth discussions about literature, but the sheer number of users and the ease of searching hashtags is proving to be a real benefit in helping to bring book lovers together. Here are some book clubs on Instagram that all readers should follow!

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Book and Wine Club


This club combines two of your favourite things, books and wine! Every month admins choose a new book and then pair it with a wine that you can enjoy as you read. They even organise real life meet ups for people who are near the cities they choose, usually New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.


Well Read Black Girl


It’s really good to experience a diverse authorship in your reading, and the Well Read Black Girl book club is brilliant for this. Founder Glory Edim announces a new book every month written by an author of colour, and followers can enjoy lively debate as well as the opportunity of real life meet ups with fans and writers.


Rad Women Book Club


This is an LA-based book club that focuses on literature written by amazing women. They are Cali-focused but have a strong Insta presence so that people from all over the country and world can enjoy their picks and take part in the discussion every month.


Reese’s Book Club X Hello Sunshine


Reese Witherspoon is one the most prominent celebrity book lovers on Instagram, and she went even further in her passion when she founded the Hello Sunshine Book Club. Each month she picks a great new read for her followers to enjoy along with her, and the best part is that she tends to buy the rights for the ones she loves the most to make TV shows and movies out of them.


Poppy Love’s Book Club


This is a really lively online book group that boasts a monthly newsletter, a Facebook group and a community of over 3000 literature loving members! The books that are chosen are all fantastic, but importantly cover a wide range of genres from romance to YA to sci-fi. They often run competitions to win signed copies of the monthly pick.


Our Shared Shelf


Founded by our current queen of feminise, Emma Watson, Our Shared Shelf sets out to encourage and inspire us to share our inter-sectional wisdom through reading and discussion of a different feminist book each month. Discussion is prompted by Emma posting questions.


Busy Girls Book Club


If you love to read but don’t have enough time to browse the internet for great suggestions, turn to the Busy Girls Book Club. It lacks the forum type set up for questions and discussions of other Instagram book clubs but it is perfect for when you just want to find your next great read.

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