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Don't you hate when you're in the mood to read, but you have no clue what novel you should pick up? Well, you won't have to worry anymore, because there are plenty of websites that will suggest a book for you to read next. All you have to do is type in a small bit of information and you'll get some great suggestions that fit your personality. Here are a few of the best websites out there that'll tell you which book you should read next:

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Opening the Book will ask you if you want a book that's happy or sad, funny or serious, short or long, and with lots of sex or no sex at all. It's a great way to find something that fits your needs. You can even choose what race, sexuality, gender, or age the characters are, or what kind of plot or setting you want to see. Anything you can think of you can find on this site.


What Should I Read Next? isn't as complicated as the previous site. All you have to do is type in the name of a book or an author you like, and the site will list a few books that are similar. It even contains links to Amazon, so it'll be easy for you to purchase whatever interesting books you stumble across.


Your Next Read asks you to type in the name of any book. Once you do, it'll give you suggestions about what you should read next. The best part is that it includes reviews, so that it's easy for you to see what others think about the story. There's even a "saved list" so you can always browse the books you once considered reading.


All Readers lets you choose the plot, theme, characters, setting, and writing style you prefer. It gets super in depth, so you can find exactly what you're looking for, no matter how specific it is. Once you fill out all of the areas you'd like to, then it'll provide you with a list of books to choose from.


Taste Kid simply lists all of the best books, movies, and television shows out there. It allows you to browse through the novels that are currently trending and then gives you a short synopsis about them. This is the site you should use if you aren't quite sure what type of book you want to read, because it'll give you random suggestions.

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Book Seer asks you to type in the last book you read (or at least the last book you read that you actually enjoyed). Then it'll give you similar novels that you should like just as much as the last novel. Once you find one, there are links to Amazon, to local bookshops, and to your local library.



There's nothing wrong with an old fashioned quiz. Visit to answer a few questions about your reading habits. Once you do, you'll get matched with a book that you'll love reading.

If you can't find anything interesting on any of these websites, you should always feel free to ask your friends what they think you should read next. In fact, what book would you recommend for us all to read next?

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Good article..


Best article EVER 😝

Thanks for the article! I've just started reading books and I love it! I just finished Finding Me (the story about the Cleveland kidnappings) and it was excellent.

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Thank you

Very nice info, thanks.

I usually find books by favorite authors, The top ten best sellers or through word-of-mouth.

This will be very helpful to those readers who would love to read and learn more. Most specifically, if there are topics that you wanted to focus on on a certain period of time. :))

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