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19 Dazzling Decorations for Book Lovers to Buy ...

By Avantika

Books are often some of the best friends a person has. And very often the homes of book lovers will be proof of this. Everything will focus around books, favorite authors and the joy of the written word. Keeping this in mind, I’ve got a list of 19 dazzling decorations for book lovers to buy.

1 Book Wall Clock

Book Wall ClockThis wall clock would look lovely in a book corner or a study. The simple shape and the book print bring a charm that's perfect for a book lover’s home.

2 Read Pillow

Read PillowI love the look of this pillow. It’ll be absolutely perfect for a cosy book corner or on your favorite reading chair. The natural burlap lends an old school look and the blue print really stands out! Love!

3 Brackets Bookends

Brackets BookendsIn a house full of books you can never have enough bookends. And this pair adds quirkiness to your bookshelf while being totally utilitarian. What’s not to love, eh?

4 Book Lover Magnets

Book Lover MagnetsI personally cannot resist a good magnet and this set of book lover magnets would look so adorable on the refrigerator! Don’t you love the message on every single one?!

5 Door Sign

Door SignAll book lovers will identify with the message on this fun (and sometimes very necessary) door sign. I would definitely put it up when I’m close to ending my favorite mystery novel!

6 Dr. Seuss Wall Decal

Dr. Seuss Wall DecalWhat’s not to love about Dr. Seuss, right? This quote on reading holds true for people of all ages and this wall decal would look good in a children’s room or a book corner!

7 Reading Postures Wall Clock

Reading Postures Wall ClockHow cute is this clock, right? I love the colors and the illustrations on this one. It's so perfect for anyone who loves books! I know I’ve found myself in all these reading postures when engrossed in a good book!

8 Book Light

Book LightStylish and pretty, this book lamp is a definite conversation piece for any book lover’s home.

9 Book Page Hanging Lamp

Book Page Hanging LampThis is a piece around which an entire book room can be designed. Pretty and delicate, you can even make this into a DIY project if you’re so inclined!

10 Book Stack Mirror

Book Stack MirrorPretty neat, right? If you have the space, this custom shape mirror could be quite an interesting addition to your house.

11 Book Lovers Mug

Book Lovers MugA bookshelf does make the best boyfriend and this mug just reminds you of that! For any book lover's home, this would be a fun and cool addition!

12 Classic Book Tissue Box

Classic Book Tissue BoxSuch a quaint addition to your book lover’s home, isn’t it?

13 Book Lover Art Print

Book Lover Art PrintWho doesn’t love some fun art on their walls, right? One of the easiest ways of bringing color, vibrancy and fun to your home is to put up favorite prints and original art. This one is perfect for anyone who loves books!

14 Bookish Pillow

Bookish PillowWhat could be more perfect for a book lover's home than this?!

15 Ceramic Tile Magnets

Ceramic Tile MagnetsMore book lovers magnets for the book lover’s house. Yay!

16 Stacked Books Wallpaper

Stacked Books WallpaperThis wallpaper is so awesome, right? It would look gorgeous if done correctly and there's no better accessory for any book lover’s home!

17 I Cannot Live without Books Print

I Cannot Live without Books PrintI definitely want this on a wall in my house!

18 Book Lover Wine Charms

Book Lover Wine CharmsWouldn’t you have a book party just to be able to use these adorable wine charms? I know I would!

19 Book Mobile

Book MobilePersonally I don’t like seeing actual books cut up/destroyed for art, but look how gorgeous this is! It would look absolutely perfect in a home library or a small book corner!

You know a book lover’s home as soon as you step into one. Apart from all the books, a lot of the decoration around the house will also be pertaining to books. Do you know of any more dazzling decorations that a book lover will love owning?

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