The Best Beach Reads for Girls in Their Twenties ...


The Best Beach Reads for Girls in Their Twenties ...
The Best Beach Reads for Girls in Their Twenties ...

There's nothing more relaxing than sprawling out on your beach towel with a margarita in one hand and a book in the other. Of course, in order for that to happen, you need to have something entertaining to read. Even though there are millions of amazing books out there, you should choose something tropical that's fit for the beach. Well, you don't have to search for any longer, because the best beach reads for girls in their twenties are right here:

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On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

This is a romance novel about a teacher who boards a plane with the high school boy she's supposed to tutor. However, the aircraft ends up crashing onto a desert island and they're forced to work together in order to survive. Even though the teacher is in her 30s, the boy is quickly turning into a man, which makes things messy. So if you're not a fan of cougars, then you should probably skip this novel.


Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

This was Esquire's Best Book of 2012. It's a romance novel that begins with a man and woman who meet on the coast of Italy in 1962. However, you'll also get to see what happens fifty years later, when they meet again.


The Reef by Nora Roberts

This is a thrilling book that'll keep you flipping through the pages. It's about a father and daughter who team up with salvagers that they don't fully trust in order to find a cursed amulet. Going on such a dangerous adventure isn't easy, which is why the book is filled with so many twists and turns.


Seaside Seduction by Sabrina Devonshire

This is a romance novel about a CEO who saves a gorgeous woman that he spots from his patio. She doesn't remember how she ended up in the city that she's in, so he invites her to stay at his place. After that, it doesn't take long for their steamy romance to begin.


Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea by Steve Callahan

This book is about a man who survives more than a month out at sea. He has to find a way to eat, a way to fight off sharks, and a way to survive the brutal storms that Mother Nature plagues him with. Every single day is a challenge for him.


The Beach by Alex Garland

This novel is about a man named Richard who hears about the legend of "The Beach," which is on an island that's supposed to be forbidden to tourists. However, he decides to take a risk and visit the location anyway. It looks like paradise, but he quickly learns that everything beautiful has its downsides.


Ode to a Fish Sandwich by Rebecca M. Hale

This novel was written by a best selling author. It's about a poor man who gets left at the alter, but decides to go on his honeymoon anyway. When he arrives at his location, things continue to go differently than he had planned. If you love novels that are strange and mysterious, then you'll enjoy the quirky adventures that he embarks upon.

The beach is the perfect place to relax with a good book. Don't head to the coast without packing one in your tote bag. What book are you currently reading?

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Beautiful ruins and Seaside seduction is something I'd be interested in

I'd like to know why the title is for "girls in their 20s." So anyone older can't read fun books? I'm starting to look at this app just for the stupidity of these articles only.

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