Paper-books Vs E-Books ...


Paper-books Vs E-Books ...
Paper-books Vs E-Books ...

If you are a habitual reader with an extensive book collection, then you may be in the same boat as many, who are wishing to modernise their reading habits and collections digitally, as opposed to physically. People are divided, with avid supporters on both sides of the argument, with experts and commentators in social trends and habits trying to decipher the issue.

What does the paper-book and eBook have going for them? A few are highlighted here:

β€’ Books have been around for centuries, and will continue to do so – when you read a book you are doing something your ancestors did.
β€’ Books are kind to the environment and generate good revenue for publishers.
β€’ These days they are cheap, especially second hand. This allows them to be a very good social tool (most of my books are from friends, or given to friends), and they can be written in, which is great for academic purposes.
β€’ A large book collection in your living room makes you look educated (just make sure you have read them so you don’t get caught out).

β€’ You can store a very large book collection on an eBook, so you are not restricted to an individual book. You can read any book at any time, and re-read your favourite moments at any time.
β€’ They are getting cheaper, are light, easy to use and not harsh on the eyes.
β€’ You can also use it to read journals, research papers, amongst other academic uses.
β€’ They make you look cool, educated and modern.
The positives for both outweigh their negatives. A negative of the eBook is the price which makes it an investment, added alongside the fact that you cannot lend to friends books you think they will like, and vice-versa.

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