Why Reading the Harry Potter Books is like Therapy in Itself ...


Why Reading the Harry Potter Books is like Therapy in Itself ...
Why Reading the Harry Potter Books is like Therapy in Itself ...

Ever wondered why reading the Harry Potter books is like therapy? We all know that the Harry Potter phenomenon is huge. Loved by young and old, men and women, it touches so many people. There is something about a young orphan who didn't know he was a wizard that glues readers all over the world to the pages written by the talented JK Rowling. Here's why reading the Harry Potter books is like therapy.

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Psychological Elements

There are many psychological elements to the books that can act as mental health therapy. The spell to turn what frightens you into something ridiculous is one. The importance of friendship is a strong theme throughout the books. The terror of the dementors, which can easily be seen as mental health problems of depression and anxiety that sweep over people and having a Patronus, or something an individual can hold onto to ward off these creatures. Realising that bad times will pass and that positive can overcome the negative is apparent also. These positive affirmations are to be found within the story.


Dark and Light

Another beautiful part of the series of books is how there can be darkness and goodness in everyone. While the reader is positioned to love some characters and fear others, they often find they are mistaken with the lesson to learn being, don't be too hasty to judge. It is very much a story of two polar opposite sides with the message to be careful you don't become a monster yourself.


A Warm Hug

People have described these books as receiving a warm hug - it is a story with both literal and metaphorical meaning. Even Voldemort the villain is a prime example of how everyone has the potential to become evil.


Real World Issues

The use of the media and government in the books also addresses propaganda and corruption, two very real aspects of the real world.

Interpreting Harry Potter as therapy can be seemingly endless. It highlights bullying, poverty, discrimination and mental health. These are all aspects of the real world that many people find challenging. Perhaps this is the reason for the universal popularity of the books.

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