The Best Libraries around the World for Girls Who Love Books ...


The Best Libraries around the World for Girls Who Love Books  ...
The Best Libraries around the World for Girls Who Love Books  ...

Ever wanted to visit the best libraries in the world? Me too! As a serious lover of books, it would be a dream come true to take a world vacation with stops at the greatest libraries in every place. It might be a dream now, but it's still fun to swoon over the best libraries in the world. Here they are.

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Royal Portuguese Reading Room - Rio De Janeiro

library, public library, institution, building, metropolis, The outside of this beautiful library pays homage to some great Portuguese explorers and the inside is a delight of stained glass and wonderfully ornate bookshelves. What else makes this one of the best libraries in the world? It houses the largest collection of Portuguese literature anywhere in the world.


New York Public Library - New York City

library, public library, building, institution, organization, If you love big, you'll get it here. The library's grand hall has massive windows and huge chandeliers and the Rose Reading Room goes on for two city blocks. You could spend days here wandering among the aisles and finding great stuff to read.


Clementinum - Prague

library, public library, wine cellar, building, This library started way back in 1622 with just one book. Now the building is a delightful showcase of lovely frescoes and rare globes. It boasts more than 20,000 books and showcases them on two levels split with pretty wrought iron railings.


Trinity College Old Library - Dublin

library, building, public library, institution, chapel, The best part about this library is the 200-foot Long Room, which is, of course, lined with books. There are busts of famous artists scattered throughout and vaulted ceilings. It's also home to the Book of Kells and was founded by Queen Elizabeth I.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Alexandrina, Egypt

public library, library, institution, building, organization, This large library is relatively new compared to the others on this list, but that's because the city's original library has been destroyed more than once, either by fire or by battle. The outside features letters and characters from languages across the globe and the inside faces the ocean. Who wouldn't want to read while looking at the sea? There's also four museums and a planetarium on site.


Coimbra Library - University of Coimbra - Alta and Sofia, Portugal

altar, chapel, place of worship, cathedral, basilica, Rich woods and famous art might not be what you think of when it comes to libraries, but this one will surely change your mind. It dates back to 1717 and contains many old and new texts. This is also the only library in the world with its own prison.


Austrian National Library - Vienna

tourist attraction, building, arcade, metropolis, plaza, Here you can find a variety of great books to read while wandering among the sculptures and and ancient architecture. This library was built in 1723 and feels quite like a castle inside. The library also boasts the Globe Museum, packed with globes that date back before 1850.


Mortlock Wing State Library - Adelaide, Australia

building, metropolis, library, performing arts center, This clock here is famous is still wound once a week by a staff member. The two-story library isn't as massive as some of the others on this list, but has a beautiful wrought iron and gold balcony that divides the floors and a lovely glass dome that lets in lots of light.


Stuttgart City Library - Germany

leisure centre, daylighting, building, leisure, Get ready for this - this library is nine levels! The all white interior gives the library a great modern feel and the outside is lit up with blue lights when it gets dark. There's a rooftop terrace and five-story reading room for those who want to kick back and read all day. If you're up at night and need a book, check out the "Library for Insomniacs," which offers reading materials all night long.

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Harold Washington library in Chicago zip is also pretty interesting and has 9 floors!

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