The Best Places to Immerse Yourself in a Good Book ...


The Best Places to Immerse Yourself in a Good Book ...
The Best Places to Immerse Yourself in a Good Book ...

What do you think are the best places to read? My favorite place is definitely in bed. I have been reading before sleep since I was in my early teens and now I find it difficult to go to sleep if I haven’t read a few chapters of something. Reading is a wonderful way to escape from your daily grind. You can immerse yourself in a different world whether it’s science fiction, a bodice ripper of a romance or an autobiography of someone who fascinates you. Take a look at this list of the best places to read and be inspired to pick up a book. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite place to read.

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On a Walk

But not on a road with traffic!
sky, phenomenon, sunlight, girl, backlighting,


Stretched out on the Floor

Until it gets too uncomfortable!
white, photograph, black, black and white, sitting,


In the Park

Books and fresh air – great combo!
friendship, human behavior, conversation, girl, computer wallpaper,


On the Train

The journey passes quickly.
sitting, electronic device, technology, job, driving,


In Bed

The best place!
girl, leisure, computer wallpaper, product,


At the Beach

What’s a vacation without a good book?
photograph, sand, girl, human behavior, landscape,


In the Library

Oh, so quiet
library, institution, building,


In a Bookstore

So many choices
inventory, library, antiquarian,


In a Favorite Armchair

Get comfy!
hairstyle, brown hair, reading, girl, hair coloring,


By the Fire

Because it’s so cozy
heat, fire, flame, campfire, bonfire,


In the Pub

With a cold beer or a nice chilled wine
technology, electronic device, film,


On a Plane

Pass the time away
senior citizen, human behavior, public relations, communication, conversation,


On the Couch with Your Hunny

Love doing things together
girl, conversation,


In a Hammock

You can really get into the swing of things … groan!
hammock, leisure, vacation, grass, plant,


Anywhere You Can Lean

A bit of support is always helpful.
photograph, man, black and white, photography, gentleman,


In a Coffee Shop

Caffeine and books - yay!
girl, drinking, drink, lip, brown hair,


In the Bath

Keep those pages dry.
mammal, anime, cartoon, snapshot, art,


At Your Desk

Forget the inbox.
black and white, photography, monochrome photography, shoulder, headgear,


On the Toilet

If you must!
facial hair, musical instrument, design, string instrument, music,


On a Window Seat on a Rainy Day

Forget the weather.
sitting, girl, window, conversation, reading,


In Jail

Well, you never know!
In Jail

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