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Life Changing Books for Girls Trying to Lose Weight ...

By Jennifer

What motivates you to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? And what keeps you going on your fitness journey when you've hit a hard spot or a plateau? For me, a few funny quotes and a good weight loss book usually do the trick. If you're in need of a little literary motivation, I can help! Here are a few of my favorite inspiring weight loss books.

Table of contents:

  1. Food matters by mark bittman
  2. Move a little, lose a lot by james a. levine
  3. Thin for life by anne m. fletcher
  4. Getting thin and loving food! by kathleen daelemans
  5. Eat this not that! supermarket survival guide by david zinczenko
  6. Fast food nation by eric schlosser
  7. The dish by carolyn o'neil
  8. The step diet book by by james o. hill
  9. Sugar nation by jeff o'connell
  10. Food rules by michael pollan
  11. Scared sitless by larry swanson
  12. Think thin, be thin by doris wild helmering
  13. Southern living slim down south cookbook by carolyn o'neil
  14. Half-assed: a weight-loss memoir by jennette fulda
  15. The no diet diet by ben fletcher
  16. All is forgiven, move on by janice taylor
  17. The long run by matt long
  18. Slow fat triathlete by jayne williams
  19. Drop dead healthy by aj jacobs
  20. Born to run by christopher mcdougall
  21. The writing diet by julia cameron
  22. The emotional eater's repair manual by julie m. simon

1 Food Matters by Mark Bittman

2 Move a Little, Lose a Lot by James a. Levine

3 Thin for Life by Anne M. Fletcher

4 Getting Thin and Loving Food! by Kathleen Daelemans

5 Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide by David Zinczenko

6 Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

7 The Dish by Carolyn O'Neil

8 The Step Diet Book by by James O. Hill

9 Sugar Nation by Jeff O'Connell

10 Food Rules by Michael Pollan

11 Scared Sitless by Larry Swanson

12 Think Thin, Be Thin by Doris Wild Helmering

13 Southern Living Slim down South Cookbook by Carolyn O'Neil

14 Half-Assed: a Weight-Loss Memoir by Jennette Fulda

15 The No Diet Diet by Ben Fletcher

16 All is Forgiven, Move on by Janice Taylor

17 The Long Run by Matt Long

18 Slow Fat Triathlete by Jayne Williams

19 Drop Dead Healthy by AJ Jacobs

20 Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

21 The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron

22 The Emotional Eater's Repair Manual by Julie M. Simon

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