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Smart Ladies Will Love This Nerdy Version of 50 Shades ...

By Jennifer

Described as "erotic tales to turn you off and on again," the 50 Nerds of Grey Twitter feed takes the poorly-written smut in the 50 Shades of Grey and shows us how much better — or nerdier — it can be. Let's have a look and a laugh, shall we?

1 That's Pretty Bad

2 Siri Liked It Though

3 D&D Night

4 Ha, REBOOTY Calls

5 She's Lucky She Didn't Get Locked out

6 Of Course!

7 Spoiler Alert!

8 What else Would It Be?

9 Talk Qwerty to Me

10 That'll Work

11 Emissions

12 Clever

13 Sounds like... Fun?

14 Every. Time

15 Torture

16 Hellish

17 Not What She Meant

18 Works like a Charm

19 Tangled Cords

20 Doctors

21 I Can See Sheldon Saying This

22 Darn Wi-fi

23 Ha!

24 For Extra Security

25 It's a Start

26 Poor Guy!

To read more, follow @50NerdsofGrey on Twitter... and enjoy!

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