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17 Infographics for Women Who Write ...

By Holly

Maybe you love creating short stories and poetry in your free time. Maybe you just want to enhance your essay writing abilities. Either way, here are a few infographics that'll help you improve your writing:

1 8 Secrets to Writing Faster Blog Posts

8 Secrets to Writing Faster Blog PostsIf you want other people to view your blog, you need to keep up with it. This infographic will give you tips on how to stick to your deadlines, so that your readers remain happy.

2 Effective Web Writing

Effective Web WritingIf you're posting your writing online, you need to make it appear interesting. Otherwise, no one is even going to click on the link.

3 SEO Copywriting

SEO CopywritingIf you don't know the first thing about SEO, then you need to take a look at this infographic. It'll show you how to write something that humans want to read and that Google will draw attention to.

4 Why I'm Not Getting Any Writing Done

Why I'm Not Getting Any Writing DoneEvery writer can relate to this miniature quiz. Of course, it should open your eyes and make you see how silly you are for procrastinating. That means you should start typing!

5 How to Write an Essay like the Pros

How to Write an Essay like the ProsIf you're struggling to get through high school or college, this should help. It'll remind you that you need to stick to the topic, plan out what you're going to write before you write it, and check for proper spelling and grammar.

6 The Sources in Student Writing

The Sources in Student WritingThis gives you a little bit of information on academic writing. It shows you where students get the majority of their information from.

7 13 Steps to Writing Better Content

13 Steps to Writing Better ContentThis little flow chart will ask you a series of important questions, like who your target audience is. Knowing the answers to those types of questions is incredibly important if you wish to succeed.

8 Resume Tips

Resume TipsIf you really want to land a job, it helps to have a killer resume. Follow these tips, like capturing the reader's attention right away and establishing your credibility.

9 Do's and Don'ts for Writing Survey Questions

Do's and Don'ts for Writing Survey QuestionsIf you ever need to create a survey, there are some guidelines you have to follow. This infographic explains them all.

10 You Are What You Write

You Are What You WriteThe most cited websites are exactly what you'd think they are. They're popular ones like Wikipedia and Yahoo, even though they're user-generated websites.

11 Write Your Paper like a Pro

Write Your Paper like a ProThis venn diagram makes writing essays look simple, don't you think?

12 How to Write an in-Class Essay

How to Write an in-Class EssayWriting an essay inside of the classroom is completely different than writing one at home. If you struggle to do the former, then this might help you out.

13 15 Most Misspelled Words

15 Most Misspelled WordsIf you want to look educated, you can't misspell words. Take a look at this chart to see if you make any of these common mistakes.

14 People with Strong Writing Skills

People with Strong Writing SkillsIf you're a good writer, you could end up with a great job and a high salary. Doesn't that motivate you to improve your writing skills?

15 Ten Common Writing Mistakes

Ten Common Writing MistakesDon't use "who" when you're supposed to use "which." If you're not sure what the difference is, this chart will let you know.

16 How to Write the Intro of an Essay

How to Write the Intro of an EssayThe intro of your essay is one of the most important parts. It sets the tone for the entire paper.

17 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

10 Steps to Becoming a Better WriterThis might sound obvious, but it's valuable advice. Make sure you take it to heart.

If you follow the advice in these infographics, you'll become a better writer in no time. What's your favorite thing to write?

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