9 Awesome Websites for Free EBooks Download Away


9 Awesome Websites for Free EBooks Download Away
9 Awesome Websites for Free EBooks Download Away

Do you like reading on the go and finding good websites for free eBooks? Building an eBook collection is a great way to have a selection of books in your pocket at any time. While nothing beats the feel of a paperback book, a cache of eBooks is much easier to carry. If you need some suggestions for online access then check out our list of websites for free eBooks.

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Gutenberg.org is the grand-daddy of websites for free eBooks. Since 1971 Project Gutenberg has digitized and indexed over 42,000 titles in the public domain! Many websites that offer access to free eBooks use Project Gutenberg as their major resource. Access is free and easy; you do not need to sign up for an account. The search function is simple and fast. Search for your favorite title, choose your download format, and load it straight to your device.



We all love a good deal, especially when it is delivered to our inbox! Bookbub.com is a great site that offers a huge selection of free and discounted books. The signup is simple and free, and the delivery method is pretty smooth. Create a simple profile that includes your genre interest and preferred mobile platform. Bookbub.com will email a list of book options to you that match your download format and price range.



I first learned of this site while reading book reviews. It is a huge community of readers who share their reading lists and reviews. Goodreads.com offers access to lots of free eBooks. It has many of the usual classics, but it also has a nice variety of titles including fan fiction.



At Openlibrary.org, you can access many free books in a variety of download formats such as .pdf, plain text, ePub, Kindle, etc. You do not need to create an account to access or download eBooks. A free account allows you to read online or download any eBook listed on the site.


Openlibrary.org is a digital treasure trove that functions like a virtual library card. Once you're signed up, you're free to borrow books that are otherwise out of print or not easily accessible. The BookReader feature also allows readers to flip through pages as if holding a physical book, enhancing the reading experience. Additionally, for those looking to support the platform, there are opportunities to contribute by fixing typos, lending digital copies of books you own, and helping to expand their collection. Whether you’re a voracious reader or a casual one, this site is your no-cost gateway to a world of literature.



Archive.org is an amazing website! Its inventory consists of over five million texts in many different languages. The site has at least one drawback: a single title may have several different upload entries from several different sites. Once you find the entry that offers the download option you desire, the rest is pretty easy and the book is yours! No account needed.



Manybooks.net is a great site for downloading free eBooks. This site is fairly new to me and I love it already. It is easy to navigate and the download options are plentiful! If there is a device to read an eBook, this website has the format it needs!



Free-ebooks.net offers a variety of titles from new authors. The site also has a pretty easy navigation pane. The inventory includes the usual categories of fiction and non-fiction. It also goes a step further to include textbooks. The site has a wide variety of interesting titles. Download up to five books each month in either text or .pdf and view them from anywhere!


Public Library

Many public libraries offer online access to the library catalog. Some even offer eBook access! eBooks offered through a library website are available for loan, like their paperback counterparts. If you have a library card then you are set to download anything in the eBook inventory. The library site is wonderful because it includes current popular titles not in the public domain.



I love Dailylit.com because of the delivery method: straight to your inbox. Choose from thousands of titles, set a few delivery details, and receive book chapters in your inbox. This site is a great way to read through a lengthy book a little at a time, every day. Dailylit.com is not the same as regular eBook download sites, but it is worth mentioning because of the unique format.

There are many websites that provide access to free eBooks. Some offer the same titles but not all of the sites will work with your mobile device. We hope one of these sites works for you. Do you have a favorite website for downloading free eBooks? We would love to hear about it. Please, share!

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