Why Daily Journaling is More Beneficial than You Think ...


Why Daily Journaling is More Beneficial than You Think ...
Why Daily Journaling is More Beneficial than You Think ...

As the fall season takes off, this is the best time to let things go, embrace change, and start afresh. One way to help let go of all things of the past and embark on a new journey is to write these things of the past down and afterwards write the new things you are wanting to start anew in your life. Many people associate journaling with a boring activity that only older people or people who like to write do and benefit from. This is so untrue! Journaling can benefit everyone and you don’t have to be a writer to enjoy it. Let’s explore the world of journaling.

Make It Fun
To make it fun, I suggest picking out a journal you like that will make you excited every time you get ready to journal. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Target, and Walmart are some stores that carry really neat and cute journals for an inexpensive price. These stores also carry travel size to take with you on the go! Pick a favorite place where you can think clearly - it can be anywhere from an indoor coffee shop to an outdoor park - now write! Any and everything that you may be thinking, feeling, or any experiences (now and the past). You can even use bullet points if that is an easier way for you to write down your thoughts. You can also use this time to write down all of your uture ideas, aspirations, goals, etc. Now that you are ready to journal, let’s discuss some of the benefits of daily journaling

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Daily Journaling is a Word Scrapbook

Journaling can help you keep track of moments, experiences, and encounters in your life. Think of it as a word scrapbook. This word scrapbook has the ability to capture all the moments you cherish, love, hate, and are even confused about!


Daily Journaling Helps with Your Health

Whether you are a fitness buff or working towards bettering your health this Fall, journaling can help you keep record of what you ate, how your body responded that day, any stresses you may have experienced, and cheat days when you’re having those irresistible cravings! The CDC even reports how stress can raise blood sugar and with regular journaling you can pinpoint exactly what’s causing the stress and decide on possible solutions to alleviate that stressor


Daily Journaling Can Help You Solve Problems

Sometimes we are not fully aware of the problems we face until they are right in front of our face and may mean down on paper. Daily journaling helps you assess your problems and then think about solutions for these problems in your life.


Journals Could Be Your Backup Phone

Oh how we love our technology. But what happens if your phone dies, you are not near an outlet and/or you left your charger at home. You could use your journal to jot down important numbers, emergency contacts, addresses, schedules, and even to-do Lists


Daily Journaling is a Legacy

A journal provides something to be passed down to your children or other relatives. You tell your children that what they once experienced, you did, and of course, they don’t believe you. You could pull out one of your old journals, let them read what they want and show them what they may be facing now, just like you, they will and can overcome

So cheers to the fall, where old things are left to the past and new things are formed. Happy journaling!

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