13 Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks ...


13 Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks ...
13 Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks ...

It wasn’t until I tried my first one that I understood the benefits of audiobooks. The world of reading and literature has changed so significantly over the past few years that the idea of audiobooks has changed from something that only visually impaired or young children get involved with, to a viable platform that is just as popular as the written word itself! Companies like Audible have now made it effortless to have an entire library of audiobooks right in your pocket, and they are the perfect alternative for someone who might find settling down to read a book a difficult option in their busy lives. If you have yet to be convinced by the Audible revolution, then here are 13 reasons why you should listen to audiobooks!

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Listening to an audiobook allows you to multitask as you digest a story. You don’t have to channel all your focus in to reading words.


Hands Free

Audiobooks are a hands-free business, so you are free to eat, drink, iron, play a game, pretty much anything you can think of whilst still keeping track of the story.


Extra Entertainment

The best audiobooks have wonderful, talented narrators that can add an extra dimension to the reading experience. They can fully visualise characters for you.


Speedy Journey

Listening to an audiobook when you are travelling can make the journey seem so much shorter. Once you get lost in being told a great story, the time really does fly!



Sometimes it’s nice to hear the presence of other voices with you for a little bit of me time, it makes the activity of reading seem less lonely.


Easy Commute

An audiobook can turn your daily commute from a boring task in to something that you can’t wait for! A chapter or two on the train is a great start and end to the working day.


Boredom Cure

An audiobook can turn any boring task like a washing up, ironing or cleaning in to something that feels like fun because you have a great accompanying story.



Audiobooks can make literature accessible to people who find reading a challenge. You can finally be part of the conversation even if you find reading heavy books tough.


Group Listening

You can take book groups to a new level by listening together rather than just meeting up to discuss. You can also listen along with a friend or family member as a fun bonding exercise.


Insomnia Aid

Audiobooks can be really therapeutic for people with insomnia and other sleep issues. They provide a nice soothing presence for those times at night when you can’t seem to drift off.



You will find that you can get through a book much faster then if you were reading the words. This is because you will tend to enjoy longer listening sessions than reading sessions.



After all, who doesn’t want to recreate those magical childhood moments when your parent would read you a bedtime story!?



The best part is that there are lots of audiobooks available for free if you look in the right places online and in your local library!

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