Mystery Books to Help Engage Your Inner Detective ...


Mystery Books to Help Engage Your Inner Detective ...
Mystery Books to Help Engage Your Inner Detective ...

Sometimes your otherwise normal and ordered life needs to be shaken up a little bit, right? Reading a great mystery novel is one way to do this without disrupting the way things are going. With so many great mystery novels out there, you definitely won’t have a hard time finding one to crack open today. Need some help narrowing down your choices? Start with these fabulous books and work your way onward from there.

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True Confessions by John Gregory Dunne

If you are fascinated by true crime, this is the mystery book for you. It’s based on the Black Dahlia murders that occurred in Hollywood during the 1940s. The story centers around a police officer and his brother, who is a priest. Read along with them as they follow the trail of the crime. You won’t be able to put this one down!


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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‌Even if you’ve seen the movie, you should still read the book. It’s about a husband who discovers that his wife is missing and his house looks like a crime scene. Of course, the investigation centers on his involvement in the possible murder and disposal of his wife. You will be on the edge of your seat to the riveting end, which I promise you will never see coming.


The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Conan Doyle

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This is one of the best Sherlock Holmes books ever written. In it, the iconic Holmes and Watson characters follow clues and tips to solve a crime that even the local police can’t get to the bottom of. If you love being surprised and making your own deductions about what’s going to happen next, you will love this novel.


The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

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This book is the classic tale of the private investigator who gets involved with a beautiful woman who needs him to solve her mystery. There’s something for everyone in this book. That includes romance, intrigue, twists and turns and everything else you’ve come to expect from a great detective story.


The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

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In this book is your best choice if you want a mystery that isn’t gory and bloody. The main character is an 11-year old girl who uses chemistry to solve a murder in the English countryside. The book is light hearted and fun while also allowing you to indulge in the guilty pleasure of a good murder mystery.


The Vanishers by Heidi Julavits

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If modern day hauntings are your thing, you’ll love what this story has to offer. It’s about a woman who is haunted by her mother, whom she never actually knew. As the story progresses, you get a front seat view of this woman’s past and you get to help her find out why her mother is haunting her days and nights. This one is so good, you might want to read it again when you finish the first time.


Night Film by Marisha Pessl

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You will not be able to stop reading this book. I have read it and I guarantee that you will be up all night turning the pages! It’s about a young woman whose father made epic horror films and she is found murdered. What ensues is one journalist’s quest to get to the bottom of what’s going on.


Beast in View by Margaret Millar

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While this novel is highly overlooked, it's also one that needs to be read by your inner detective. A gothic set novel featuring a wealthy heiress who is stalked by an alluring stranger has a surprise twist ending you won't see coming.


PresUmed Innocent by Scott Turow

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One of the best courtroom muster books ever written, Turow uses his extensive knowledge of courtrooms and the law to grip readers with his novel about political corruption. Present tense writing captivates audiences when an affair turned deadly and the married prosecuting attorney involved becomes suspect one. This book is truly a literary crime classic.


The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy

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Based on the notorious homicide that has gone unsolved among LAPD, this book delves deeper into murder, insanity, and corruption, this book will have you flipping page after page to find out more. The best part: it's based on a true occurrence so break out that google when you're done and see if you can solve the unknown murder mystery!

Do you love mystery books? Which ones would you recommend?

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Love mysteries and detectives, favs are anything Sherlock Holmes: And then there were none, the murder of mr ackroyd, the murder on the orient express( Agatha Christie), Maltese falcon( the classic 1940s crime detective )

All the Alan Bradley books are great fun. His little protagonist is by turns sad, funny, spiteful, and downright fascinated with developing poisons!

Idk if it's classified as mystery but Dan Brown's book would be the ones I recommend

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