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10 Sensational Websites Where Smart Girls Can Read Short Stories ...

By Holly

If you don't have a new book to read yet, then you can always read a few short stories, instead. They'll keep you occupied for a few minutes, but you won't be stuck reading them for hours on end, when you're supposed to be getting work done. Not sure where to look for them? Here are a few of the best websites where you can find exciting short stories to read:

1 Fan Fiction

You've probably heard of Fan Fiction before, because it's one of the most popular sites there is for fanfiction writers. You should visit the site if you're interested in reading stories about your favorite television, movie, and book characters. Of course, you can also create an account of your own and upload your stories there! It's a great place to get feedback on your writing when you're first starting out.

2 The Flash Fiction Press

The Flash Fiction Press uploads a new short story for you to enjoy every single day. Those stories are only between 250 to 1,200 words, so it won't take you all that long to read them. If you scroll down to a story called "On Your Sleeve" from May 3rd, you'll even find one of my science fiction short stories!


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3 Watt Pad

Here's another website that most of you know about already, because it's pretty popular. Watt Pad allows you to read short stories by other writers, but it also allows you to upload stories of your own. If you're an aspiring writer, then you should definitely create an account and see how other people respond to your work! It's always nice to get feedback, so you know what you're doing right and wrong.

4 Infective Ink

Infective Ink is another great website to visit if you like to read new short stories every single day. According to the site, they are "a repository for all sorts of fiction, all genres and styles." If you go all the way back to March 7th, you can even find my story called "Doubles."

5 Classic Shorts

You've probably read some pretty amazing short stories during class. Of course, the ones that your teacher assigned you to read aren't the only ones that exist. If you visit Classic Shorts, then you'll be able to find a collection of classic short stories that you should really read at some point in your life. They're from famous authors, like H.G. Wells and George Orwell.

6 Creepy Catalog

Creepy Catalog has a bunch of terrifying stories for you to read the next time that you're bored. You can even read some of my short stories there, like Ghosted and Reading the Roses.

7 Asian Fanfics

If you're a fan of KPop, then you should know all about Asian Fanfics. It's similar to, except it revolves around Asian celebrities. If you don't have any friends who share your interest in the Asian culture, then signing up for a website like this is a great way to interact with people who enjoy the same things that you enjoy.

8 American Literature
This American Literature website has 20 Great American Short Stories that you can read for free. You'll want to read these short stories if you're interested in studying English in college--I've read almost all of these short stories for various classes.

9 Chicken Soup for the Soul Short Stories
These short, feel good stories will really make you think. It instantly turns my negative thoughts into positive as I read stories of other people's lives.

10 Huff Post Short Stories;
The Huffington Post has a wide variety of short stories. It'll recommend short stories for you to read if you don't know where to start. You'll be entertained for hours!

If you're not in the mood to flip through a book, you should check out these free websites in order to get your fiction fix. What other websites do you visit when you want to read a short story or two?

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