9 Book Subscription Boxes Avid Readers Will Love ...


9 Book Subscription Boxes Avid Readers Will Love ...
9 Book Subscription Boxes Avid Readers Will Love ...

Not enough time to get to the bookstore? No time to browse book apps to find your next great read? Or just simply overwhelmed by so many choices you just don’t know what to read next? The answer to this and for anyone who loves surprises and receiving packages? Book subscription boxes. This would be the perfect gift to self ^_^

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Cozy Reader Club

This monthly subscription box is everything a girl could want. Containing a recently released women’s novel, some hand crafted items, gourmet treats and delicious artisanal beverages, they have all of the bases covered to allow you to enjoy your new book with every possible creature comfort at hand!



The Book Drop

One of the best book description boxes around is definitely The Book Drop. This service sends you a package once a month and you can tailor your delivery to your personal tastes by checking a number of categories and ticking boxes to let them know what you like. Their most popular categories happen to be Young Adult and Jane Austen; a perfect combination of the old and the new!



Lit Cube

Rather than being dedicated to one single genre of literature, the monthly Lit Cube box celebrates a different theme or genre with every new edition. From Zombie to Through the Looking Glass, each box comes with a book and whole bunch of cool swag to satisfy your love of literature, including some very cool t-shirts!



Novel Tea Club

Definitely one for fans of a classic hot beverage and some top-notch word play! Each package contains a great novel, a delicious beverage and a top secret extra gift that will always make you smile. Every single book sent out is always pre-read by the company owner to make sure that quality is up to standard.



Once upon a Bookcase

If you are in to gadgets and tech based accessories, then this service is the one for you. When you are setting up your account you have to put in your phone’s make and model, as part of the extra accessories each month you receive things like cool literature based covers and book trinkets to enjoy!



The Bookworm Box

This service is so popular that its monthly slots are all booked up within minutes! The package you receive comes with two autographed books and a few little extras and book related accessories that make you feel like you are getting much more value for your money that just visiting the book store! 100% of the profits go to charity too!



Uppercase Box

If you are an outspoken fan of young adult fiction or you regard it more as your guilty pleasure, then this box is definitely the one for you. Every month you will receive a package that contains one of the latest hot YA novels, as well as some carefully picked out bookish trinkets and accessories for you to enjoy; anything from cool stickers to lovely key chains.



Bookcase Club

Starting at just $10 per month, the Bookcase Club is one of the most affordable box services out there, perfect for somebody who loves literature but is working with a budget. You simply select which type of reader you are and every month you will receive two novels picked out specifically for your tastes.



Bubbles and Books Box

This is an awesome 18+ only service that on a monthly basis sends you the steamiest and hottest romance novels currently on the shelves! As well as the saucy book, you also receive lovely gifts like artisanal soaps; it’s a match made in literary heaven!


They sound awesome but I still love going to the bookstore.

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