7 Amazing Books about Cats ...


7 Amazing Books about Cats ...
7 Amazing Books about Cats ...

If you enjoy reading books about cats, then you're spoiled for choice. Cats are, naturally, a popular subject for all kinds of books. You'll find them in fiction, art and many other categories. There are so many books that feature cats that it's hard to pick out just a few, but here are some amazing books about cats that you will love …

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Jennie (Paul Gallico)

Jennie (Paul Gallico) My favorite of all the books about cats that I've read (and there are many) is this charming tale by Paul Gallico. It's about a young boy who has an accident and wakes up in the body of a cat. He has no idea how to survive as a cat, until he meets the eponymous Jennie, who teaches him all about how to be a cat. For example, when in doubt … wash!


The Cat Who Came in from the Cold (Deric Longden)

The Cat Who Came in from the Cold (Deric Longden) Deric Longden's first book was about caring for his wife, who had ME. But he soon turned to a more humorous side of life when he began writing about cats. He pretty much kidnapped Thermal, the tiny white kitten that previously belonged to his neighbor. And from then on, his household was taken over by a series of cats that starred in his books. These books are hilarious - do read them.


A Street Cat Named Bob (James Bowen)

A Street Cat Named Bob (James Bowen) Many homeless people adopt dogs as companions on the street, but in the case of James Bowen it was a ginger cat that he named Bob. When James found Bob injured on the street, he ended up not only nursing Bob back to health, but taking the cat with him when he played on the street. Bob is now a celebrity in London!


Dewey the Library Cat (Vicki Myron)

Dewey the Library Cat (Vicki Myron) Cats and books seem a natural pairing; I remember a bookshop that had a resident cat. Dewey was found in the dropbox of a library in Indiana, and was adopted as the library's cat. He became famous worldwide, with visitors coming from all over to see him.


Tailchaser's Song (Tad Williams)

Tailchaser's Song (Tad Williams) Tailchaser's Song is a fantasy novel that is one of my favorite books. If you love fantasy, you'll enjoy this different take on the genre. If you think that cats spend all their time sleeping and plotting (see below), here's another possibility - that they sometimes go on great adventures …


How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You (Matthew Inman)

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You (Matthew Inman) This was a gift from a friend to cheer me up when I was in hospital. Any cat owner will know how they wind around your legs and almost trip you up. Well, maybe that's deliberate … Read these cartoons and make up your own mind …


The book is filled with hilariously precise observations that only Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, could so vividly illustrate. Each page is littered with delightful and slightly macabre musings on our feline friends' potential dark side. It's a hilarious take that resonates with any cat lover who has experienced their pet's unpredictable behavior. From their inscrutable stares to their odd midnight activities, you'll be nodding along, wondering if your cuddly companion might just be plotting something nefarious. Yet, it's all in good fun!


Cats of the Greek Islands (Hans Silvester)

Cats of the Greek Islands (Hans Silvester) Finally, this book and others by Hans Silvester will please both those who love cats and anyone interested in photography. He clearly has a genuine affinity with cats, as seen by these beautiful photos. There are stunning shots of the Greek Islands, which capture the beauty and playfulness of cats.

Cats make wonderful subjects for books of all types. I just can't read enough feline literature! What is your favorite book about cats - can you recommend any others we'd enjoy reading?

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Try "A Cat Called Birmingham" by Chris Pascoe - very funny + there is a second one too!

Try 'the Dalai Lama's cat' by David miche... Religious, compassionate yet wonderful!

I will definitely give these books a try seeing that I am also a great cat lover.


An early happy birthday to your daughter! Kids who love animals grow into great adults :)

Dewey made me cry! Sweet book.

I want these !

Thank you so much for this list! I am going to use it to select a few books for my daughters 12th birthday in October. She is animal mad and a big reader :-)

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