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7 Books That Will Make You Smile ...

By Cassandra

Guys, do you really need a reason to read books that will make you smile? With their beautifully written prose, inspiring quotes and totally relatable characters (and overall messages), it doesn't take much for a novel to lift my mood; sitting down with a great read is pretty much enough. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that these books will make you smile every single time you pick them up; there's no way you'll be putting these down anytime soon.

1 Never Have I Ever: My Life (so Far) without a Date

Never Have I Ever: My Life (so Far) without a DateOn Amazon at:
If you are serious about finding books that will make you smile, look no further. Don't let the title fool you; Katie Heaney doesn't just spend her time feeling down about her 'lackluster' dating life or like she's missing out on everything. Instead, she puts everything into perspective by dishing on her hilarious adventures (with her best friends by her side) and how struggling to find love actually ended up helping her find herself along the way.

2 The Happiness Project

The Happiness ProjectOn Amazon at:
Could there really be anything wrong with a book that revolves around the idea of finding ways to be happy? From Gretchen Rubin's spot on words about not wasting any time to go out there and follow your dreams to her refreshing candor, I love how heartfelt and just plain inspiring the message behind this book is.


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3 Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Oh, the Places You'll Go!On Amazon at:
I don't think it's possible for a list of uplifting and inspiring books to exist without featuring the man whose writing is practically the definition of happy. Dr. Seuss paints a bright picture of the future in this sweet read.

4 The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the RainOn iTunes at:
There's something about Garth Stein's voice that makes it hard to resist the charm of this book - All told from a dog's point of view! I won't give anything away but by the time you finish reading it, you'll be in tears at how powerful this book is.

5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy KidOn iTunes at:
I am absolutely in love with the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series! Jeff Kinney doesn't hold back any punches in this coming of age tale of a boy and the everyday struggles of middle school.

6 The Little Prince

The Little PrinceOn Google Play at:
Perfect at any age "The Little Prince" is jam packed with valuable lessons. Antoine de Saint-Exupery's ability to create a character whose struggles and adventures are so relatable is spot on. The overall positive attitude of this book makes it incredibly honest and heart-warming.

7 Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston SeagullOn Google Play at:
Lastly, promoted as a tale for "people who follow their hearts and make their own rules", Richard Bach's vision is simply breathtaking. To be able to pen a protagonist who, in the form of a seagull, inspires all to reach for their goals is no easy feat. This book shows how believing in yourself can go a long way in regards to following your dreams.

No matter what mood you are in, the messages behind these books will deeply resonate with you. All of these stories are simply beautiful beyond words. What other books never fail to put a smile on your face?

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