7 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing a Book ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing a Book ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing a Book ...

There are a number of reasons why you should start writing a book. You may be thinking that this is just not your specialty, but anyone who is literate and writes on a 12th grade level has some sort of writing talent they can share with the world. Even if you've never considered being an author as a career choice, it can still elevate your profession in some way. Not only that, writing a book can be a personal journey for you. It could open doors of creativity and originality - especially if you're taking the fictional route. So, here are a few reasons why you should start writing a book, whether it's children's books, a novel, or a biography.

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It Makes You Stand out in the Crowd

Not too many people choose writing as a career path, which is why you should start writing a book. Although there are many authors in the world, you will be added to the list of people who enjoy putting their thoughts down on paper. Since writing a book is not commonly popular, you will definitely stand out in the crowd. People may view you as a different breed now that you have accomplished something so laborious and time-consuming. Additionally, becoming an author of a book differentiates you from the competition within your own career. For example, if you're a realtor and write a book illustrating some of the best career tips, of course it'll place you ahead of the competition.


It Builds Your Credibility and Expertise

Many professional people want to write a book because it helps establish authority or credibility within a subject. Examples of these are seen in scholarly writings or books published for college courses. Many of the writers are either doctors or have a higher degree in that particular field. If you've ever considered contributing to the educational aspect of your profession, then go for it! People will definitely view you as an expert in your field and you will further receive extensive credibility for your shared knowledge and research.


It Shares Your Passion with an Audience

Everyone has a passion of some sort. No matter what it is, you can share it through writing. For instance, if you love dogs or you work with them as a veterinarian, you could write a fictional children's story about a puppy or a nonfictional story about your own dog that relates to young school kids in some way. You ultimately have taken something that you admire and shared it creatively with the world. Furthermore, it'll make you feel great to know that people really do respect and enjoy something that you've put your heart into.


It Influences Change in People or the Community

Your book could possibly end up illustrating the change that everyone needs to recognize as being needed. Some people use writing as a way to pitch about policy change in the government while others see it as an avenue to encourage their readers through spiritual-related material. One sentence or opinion can be a major influence to many who take heed of your message. As long as you are clear and transparent on your stance or views, people do listen. How they respond to your observations will vary, but at least you've decided to share your thoughts, despite the mixed responses that may follow.


It Opens Doors for Introspection

Writing a book gives you a chance to go deep within yourself to find the right words to say. It helps you with reflection and self-discovery in your life and life in general. While writing something imaginative or just plainly informative, you might learn something about yourself that you were never aware of before. Writing takes you to a higher sense of self. Since it takes a lot of energy and patience to author a book, you are definitely educating yourself on what makes writers so special and why written communication can be such an intimate and therapeutic instrument.


It Makes You Appreciate Written Communication

For those who have certain disabilities like a speech impediment or hearing impairment, writing is one of those alternative platforms that gets someone's point across. Verbalizing how you feel and what you think has always been an ideal method of communication because people can easily distinguish between different moods or attitudes. In many ways, writing limits this interpretation. However, writing can put things in simpler, more thoughtful words that the spoken word sometimes can't. Plus, it can be used as a backup for faulty memory. Additionally, some people have stage fright or may not be comfortable when talking in front of a crowd. Writing a book shares your thoughts without you having to be physically in front of your audience.


It Expands Your Market or Business

Some professional business people use writing as a way to elevate their business or to open up new opportunities within their market. Writing a book can go further than you could ever go. It can reach people from all over the world, expanding your credibility. A book can prepare the market for other services or products you may have to offer within your business. Becoming the author of a book could possibly position you where you desire to ultimately be in your career.

Books have a chance of existing for a lifetime - especially since they are typically published in multiple copies and tend to be distributed worldwide. Your thoughts, knowledge, artistry, imagination, and personal experience will forever be available to anyone for generations to come. Writing a book is definitely the perfect way to leave your legacy behind. Have you ever considered writing a book? What about?

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I've always wanted to write a book, but whenever I begin I give up after a couple of days.. Maybe it is because I am not assertive enough...

I'm writing a horror story

I have tried to write a book and then erased it all But I would like to write about my life journey I need to make a start on that

Right now people want me to write a book on my journey to find my family who survived the Holocaust that I never knew existed until now.

i should write... about me

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