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10 Quick and Quirky Reads for Women Who Love a Good Laugh ...

By Holly

You don't have to sit down with a dense novel and read about the same characters for five hundred pages. You can pick up a lighthearted book instead. Here are a few quick and quirky reads for women who love to laugh:

1 1,001 Phrases That Would Turn Women on if Men Actually Said Them by Holly Riordan (me)

1,001 Phrases That Would Turn Women on if Men Actually Said Them by Holly Riordan (me)

This is a funny little book written by yours truly. It contains different lines that men should use on women when they want to get laid. After all, dirty talk isn't going to get us going when we're in a bad mood. But if a man tells us that he's just baked us our favorite dessert and wants to eat it off of us, we're going to be eager to hop in bed with him.

2 The Playbook by Matt Kuhn

The Playbook by Matt

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother or if you've never seen an episode in your life. Either way, this is a fun book to flip through. It'll give you pieces of advice to follow when you're out in the dating world. If you enjoy this one, you can also pick up The Bro Code, Bro on the Go, and Bro Code For Parents. They're all equally entertaining.

3 This Book Loves You by Pewdiepie

This Book Loves You by

Believe it or not, this silly book by the biggest YouTube star in the world has become a best seller. It contains "inspirational" thoughts and phrases that can get you through your toughest days. So don't feel bad if there's no one out there that loves you, because at least this book loves you.

4 The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan and Phil

The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan and

This is another book by famous YouTubers. If you're a fan of the duo, then you should definitely pick up a copy of their book. Inside, you'll find excerpts from Phil's diary, stories about Dan's interactions with hot celebrities, and even a quiz that tells you what kind of chair you'd be. Who wouldn't want that?

5 The Complete Book of Questions by Garry Poole

The Complete Book of Questions by Garry

Don't you hate when there's a lull in conversation? Well, if you pick up a book like this, then you'll never have to worry about silence again. It contains hundreds of unique questions to ask your family and friends, like "Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube or roll it? What's the advantage of your method?" You'll get to know others in a way you've never known them before.

6 Holy Cow by David Duchovny

Holy Cow by David

Yes, this book is by the star of the X-Files, David Duchovny. He's not only a talented actor, but he's also a pretty amazing writer. After all, this book will have you laughing from the very first page.

7 The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, or just like to watch zombie movies in general, then you're going to need to pick up a copy of this book. I mean, what if a zombie apocalypse actually occurs? You need to be prepared, and this book will tell you everything you need to know.

8 You're a Vampire - That Sucks!: a Survival Guide

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This hilarious book will caution you about all the things you've got to avoid when you become a vampire. You're going to have to skip that garlicky pasta and make sure you have very high powered sunscreen. Front front to back, this book has some quirky, but funny, advice for girls who love a laugh.

9 All My Friends Are Dead

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Each page of this laugh out loud book tells you what would happen if you friends with a variety of objects. If your friends were pirates, they'd all have scurvy is one hysterical example of what's waiting for you between the covers of this book.

10 Lost Journal Vol. 1: Confessions of a Failed Paperboy

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Each story in this funny book is a day in the life of the author. They aren't in any particular order and the rambling nature of the book is what makes it so funny. This quick and amusing read is one you're going to love.

Now you have a few new books to occupy your time with! What's your favorite quick read that always gets you laughing?

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