This is Your Romantic Novel Soulmate According to Your Star Sign ...


This is Your Romantic Novel Soulmate According to Your Star Sign ...
This is Your Romantic Novel Soulmate According to Your Star Sign ...

Looking for a good book can be tough, so why not let the stars be your guide? Keep reading to see what romance novel you will love!

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Center for Family Services, poster, album cover, PRIDE, AND, If there’s anything an Aquarius loves it’s intellectual stimulation. As an Aquarius I can personally testify to this! An Aquarius is better suited for old fashioned romance, more focused on well-developed characters and beautiful dialogue. The classic go to for an Aquarius should be Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Where other girls may go head over heels for a steamy male lead like Christian Grey, your heart skips a beat when Mr. Darcy confesses his love to Elizabeth Bennet. Discover your dream romance here:



Council on Social Work Education, text, poster, flower, New, Wicked Lovely combines two aspects a Pisces will love: fated romance and the supernatural. Pisces tend to be interested in spiritual, magical, and supernatural themes. They're also hopeless romantics! That's why this modern fairy tale—literally, it's about a fairy love affair—is perfect for you! Step into another world with Wicked Lovely, sold here:

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poster, album cover, advertising, romance, One, Aries are known for their fiery, independent spirit and love of adventure. If you want to read about a character you can relate to, you should read Loretta Chase’s “Lord Perfect”. This book is the tale of a reserved, controlled viscount who is seduced by a clever, independent woman. When they join forces on a rescue mission, lust and temptation are always in the air. Does that sound like one of your fantasy romances? Buy the book here!

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text, poster, font, biology, album cover, Taurus’s prefer to be courted than seduced, so the fast-paced steamy novels don’t really work for them. They are practical and have more control over their emotions, but are often stubborn. "Delirium" is a really fun read with a protagonist who Taurus’s will love! It’s set in a dystopian future that adds an element of excitement and is a trilogy full of guys you will love!


Taurus individuals, with their love for depth and stability, would find themselves enthralled by the slow burn of a classic love story. Books like Pride and Prejudice offer the perfect blend of romance and social commentary, allowing Taureans to indulge in their love for traditions and strong character development. But, if they’re in the mood for something more modern, Me Before You could captivate their hearts with its bittersweet tale and emotional depth, mirroring their own dependable, yet intensely passionate nature. Both choices showcase the careful balance between love and personal growth that Tauruses so deeply appreciate.

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text, font, poster, diagram, line, Gemini are the bookworms of the Zodiac signs. They are also really witty and clever, so that’s what they crave from books. “The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak” is a romantic comedy by award-winning author Brian Katcher. It’s brilliant, hilarious, and heart-warming.

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text, poster, font, advertising, brand, Women born under this sign are sensitive, loyal, and a bit erotic. One of David Levithan's amazing books, "Every Day", combines many of the complicated feelings with which Cancers are familiar. It's a book about how love can conquer even the strangest boundaries. If you believe in soulmates this book is an especially good fit for you! Buy "Every Day" here:


Women with Cancer's nurturing nature will find the depths of emotional connection in "Every Day" profoundly resonant. It channels that quintessential Cancerian trait of fierce attachment and the quest for intimacy. As David Levithan artfully explores the essence of love beyond physical forms or gender, readers might see a reflection of their own emotional tides within the pages. Cancers cherish the idea of a love that weathers all storms, and this book serves as a testament to their romantic ideals. Engage in this literary exploration of affection and see your belief in the power of love reaffirmed.

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poster, advertising, album cover, brand, pattern, Leo's are represented by the lion because they are majestic natural-born leaders. If you are a Leo, you are probably confident, passionate, and energetic. You love compliments and attention from the babes in your life. Does all of this sound familiar? The you are bound to love "The Selection". It's a series of fairytale romances written for the new generation. The book is full of competition and a whirlwind of emotions that any Leo will love! Get it here:


Like the radiant sun that rules over your zodiac sign, you, dear Leo, bask in the limelight of admiration. It's not just any love story that appeals to your regal and amorous heart - you thrive on the tales that reflect your own zest for glory and grand romance. The Selection epitomizes the splendor and competitive spirit that resonates with your fiery soul. Amidst the pages, you'll find the thrill of pursuit and the sweet taste of victory, much like your own approach to love and life. Sashay into this royal escapade and let your heart roar with each turn of the page!

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album cover, SENSE, AND, SENSIBILITY, JANE, Much like Aquariuses, Virgos are intelligent, analytical, and practical. They like stable relationships more than flings and love receiving compliments. I also recommend Jane Austen for Virgos, but not Pride and Prejudice with its fiery, passionate protagonist Lizzy Bennet. Rather, Virgos will enjoy the sensible relationship that develops in Austen's "Sense and Sensibility". If you haven't read this classic yet, buy it here:


Virgo is all about precision and meticulousness—all traits that can lead to that perfect, storybook love affair. In Sense and Sensibility, the story unfolds with order and decorum, values that a Virgo holds dear. There's also the character of Elinor Dashwood, whose rationality and restraint could be straight out of the Virgo playbook. In a world driven by emotion, the detail-oriented Virgo will appreciate Austen's incisive commentary on societal norms and the victories of pragmatism in matters of the heart. Their practical nature will relish the harmonious blend of mind and matter in this enduring romance.

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text, font, poster, organ, brand, For diplomatic Libras who also hate to be alone or in a messy situation, "Emmy & Oliver" will be a very frustrating book. The struggles they face as their romance develops will probably trouble you, but that only makes watching their characters grow come of age even more satisfying.
Get it here:

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poster, album cover, advertising, illustration, fiction, Scorpio-born women are passionate and stubborn as well as brave and resourceful. Jayden, the protagonist in "Forbidden", is a force to be reckoned with. You will love this character and the adventurous story that unfolds around her.
The adventure begins when you click here:

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text, font, poster, advertising, Not, If you are a sagittarius, you've probably been told that you're too nice and overly optimistic more than once. You're also fun-loving and adventurous when it comes to romantic relationships. "Things We Know By Heart" is a book for hopeless romantics who believe in undying love and power in generosity. That just screams Sagittarius to me! Find this moving and beautiful story here:

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text, font, advertising, signage, ILOVED, Last but certainly not least we have the Capricorns. A Capricorn never gives up; once you set your sights on something, you'll be determined to get it. Whether that's good grades, a dream job, or, in the case of "Kissing in America"'s main character Eva, the love of your life. Eva and her BFF Annie trek across the U.S. in a quest of love. Throughout their journey, author Margo Rabb discusses the many forms of love and all of their ups and downs, which appeals to the Capricorn's practical side.
Get it here:

How accurately does your sign describe your personality? Do any of these books sound like the perfect fit?

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