The Book Genre You Should Read According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

The Book Genre You Should Read According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Want to know the genre that you should read according to your zodiac sign? Do you have a favourite genre of book that you tend to go back to again and again? Have you ever wondered why that particular kind of story or theme is the thing that draws your attention? Or, perhaps, you are the complete opposite, and want to get into reading but have no idea where to begin because you are unsure about what genre you would like to invest your time in? Thankfully, I can provide some answers for you, all thanks to the wonderful powers of astrology! Here is the genre that you should read according to your zodiac sign.

1 Gemini

Your short attention span is something that can cause a lot of problems with literature, so you might want to check out short story collections that you can dip in and out of.

2 Cancer

You have a tendency to look to the past a lot, so what better to indulge this in your reading than with a good historical novel?

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3 Leo

You sometimes have a hard time sharing and showing your feelings in real life, which is why the raw emotion of a romance novel can be really cathartic for you.

4 Virgo

You tend to be someone who likes to stick to the facts and be educated, so any kind of nonfiction that can teach you a lesson about life is the thing for you.

5 Libra

You are more intellectual than even you like to give yourself credit for, but you could definitely handle a few volumes of good poetry, picking apart the themes and messages within.

6 Scorpio

You have a fascination with the macabre, and reading crime novels is the perfect way to scratch this itch!

7 Sagittarius

You are somebody who takes delight in thinking about and exploring farfetched concepts and ideas, and the literary genre where this kind of personality is most desired is most definitely science fiction.

8 Capricorn

You are well known for your playful side and your biting sense of humour, so you will always have a good time when you pick up a well-reviewed satire.

9 Aquarius

You are very controlled and a person who doesn’t like to break the rules in real life, but that is why the action and adventure genre is so good for you, with all of its imaginary thrills and spills providing some escapism.

10 Pisces

Your imagination is about as vivid and wild as they come, so you will definitely find lots to love about the fantasy genre. You have no problem getting your head around a new world with different rules to ours.

11 Aries

You need stories that are as bold and ambitious as you are, so a classic drama fits the bill perfectly.

12 Taurus

You are traditionally very stubborn and focused, so it might help to go for the opposite of that and feel confused by a mystery for a little while!

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