8 Must-Read Books for a Career in the Beauty Industry ...


8 Must-Read Books for a Career in the Beauty Industry ...
8 Must-Read Books for a Career in the Beauty Industry ...

Are you dreaming about a career in the beauty industry? You could be fantasizing about having your own make-up collection on the shelves, dream of doing celebrities make-up, or love the idea of becoming a product developer, where you create Maybelline’s next best lipstick, or Chanel’s new foundation. You could even work in PR or marketing, designing advertising campaigns that get everyone talking, or work locally transforming brides or prom queens for their big day. Whatever role you’d like, get ahead of the rest by reading these books that are essential for a career in the beauty industry.

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Hair: Fashion and Fantasy

Hair: Fashion and Fantasy To maximize success in a career in the beauty industry, you should take an interest in both hair and beauty. This book is a great starting point for hair, even if it’s not your passion. There are hundreds of great images that are sure to interest and inspire, and a history of hair that is full of fascinating facts. The book is structured by style, from high-fashion windblown shoots to everyday braids, so it’s easy to pick up and read, too. Even if you’re not totally sure whether you’re interested in hair, this book will hold your attention and tell you everything that you need to know.


Making Faces

Making Faces You might already have read this one, but if not, definitely check it out. Written by one of America’s most renowned makeup artists, Kevin Aucoin, it’s packed full of photographs and inspiration. There are plenty of professional makeup tips that you can use on yourself and your friends, and the whole book will show you that makeup is an art form. There’s some hilarious anecdotes from Kevin, too, which will keep you entertained. The basis of everything makeup.


Estée: a Success Story

Estée: a Success Story Whatever you think of the brand EstéeLauder, you can’t help but admire the woman behind it all. She was a true entrepreneur, and a brilliant role model for anyone who is dreaming of starting their own brand. It’s a brilliant book even if you aren’t interested in the beauty industry, detailing everything that went into launching a brand that is now known around the world. Give this a read, and keep it at hand to dip into when you need reminding that hard work does pay off.


Scent and Subversion

Scent and Subversion Have you ever considered a career in perfume? Yep, some lucky people are paid to come up with those decadent scents that you wear. Imagine creating a perfume that millions wear every day! This book will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a perfumier, starting with the history of perfume, and moving on to explore the most popular scents. It’s got over 100 vintage perfume ads featured, too – they are simply stunning to look at. Grab a copy today.


Confessions of an Allure Beauty Editor

Confessions of an Allure Beauty Editor Linda Wells, the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of Allure magazine, penned this book along with other Allure staff. It’s a brilliant glimpse into the life of a beauty editor, and the lessons within it will change the way you think about the beauty industry, as well as giving you a headstart. It’s a great read to make sure that you’re prepared for what the beauty industry is really like, and it’ll stop you making some of the most common mistakes. It’s well written, too – you’ll enjoy the ride!


Break into Beauty

Break into Beauty If you only get one book from this list, make it this one. It’s a guide to the beauty industry as a whole, with the aim of providing an introduction and some background to each discipline, along with key information on whether you’d be a good fit for it. It’s definitely worth reading, even if you’ve already got a good idea of the areas that you’d like to work in. You never know when you’ll need a backup plan, and it could help you uncover the best route to your dream career. It even gives tips on how to break into the industry and kick-start your career. A must-read, and an amazing gift idea if you know someone who wants to work in beauty.


Break into Beauty is a great resource for anyone looking to get into the beauty industry. It provides an overview of the different disciplines within the industry, including makeup, hair, and skincare, and gives advice on how to break into the industry. It also covers topics such as the importance of networking and how to build a successful portfolio. The book includes tips on how to find the right job and how to make the most of your experience in the beauty industry. It's an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make their mark in the beauty industry.


Make up: Your Life Guide

Make up: Your Life Guide If you’re interested in the beauty industry, you’ve probably heard of Michelle Phan, the YouTube makeup guru. In 2014, most of us learnt new makeup tricks from online, whether it’s articles or videos. Michelle has built up an army of over 6 million fans, and a personal brand so strong that she is approached to work with various well-known companies. This is her book – a guide to all of the tips and tricks that she has learnt, featuring pictures and how-tos, as well as how to launch your own brand. It’s beautiful, and it’s packed full of tips.


Bobbi Brown Make up Manual

Bobbi Brown Make up Manual Well, it had to be in here somewhere! If you’re looking at a career in the beauty industry, you need to have read this classic guide. It teaches everything that you need to know to apply make-up like a pro, and all of the key information behind those decisions. Bobbi Brown has been an industry expert for over 25 years, and she’s a trusted teacher in how to bring the make up industry alive, whether you’re changing your own look or creating a new look for other people.

These books are the perfect way to plan your career in the beauty industry, and to make sure that you already know all the basics. They’ll help you avoid mistakes, too, and they are brilliant for starting conversations with other people in the industry! They also make amazing presents. Are you planning a career in the beauty industry? What would you love to work as? Let’s chat in the comments!

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