OCD by Neil Hilborn ...

By Katlyn

OCD by Neil Hilborn ...

There's a poem you must read called, OCD by Neil Hilborn.
Do you or someone you know suffer from a mental illness? If you do or know someone who does, then you know that mental illness manifests itself in everybody differently, but that it is a difficult thing to deal with. I personally think it is so important to understand mental illness from different perspectives. Like Neil’s.

Neil is a talented poet, and in this video, he performs a reading of his poem, “OCD.” It is a heartbreaking account of lost love, and also the weight of carrying a mental illness. The incredible video has over thirteen million views, and it’s no wonder why: it is beautiful. So, stop what you're doing and give a listen to OCD by Neil Hilborn.

Do you identify with Neil’s account of his experience of OCD? Even if you don’t, his story is so inspiring, and something that everyone needs to hear. Make sure to share Neil’s talent with others.

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