OCD by Neil Hilborn ...


OCD by Neil Hilborn ...
OCD by Neil Hilborn ...

There's a poem you must read called, OCD by Neil Hilborn.
Do you or someone you know suffer from a mental illness? If you do or know someone who does, then you know that mental illness manifests itself in everybody differently, but that it is a difficult thing to deal with. I personally think it is so important to understand mental illness from different perspectives. Like Neilโ€™s.

Neil is a talented poet, and in this video, he performs a reading of his poem, โ€œOCD.โ€ It is a heartbreaking account of lost love, and also the weight of carrying a mental illness. The incredible video has over thirteen million views, and itโ€™s no wonder why: it is beautiful. So, stop what you're doing and give a listen to OCD by Neil Hilborn.

Do you identify with Neilโ€™s account of his experience of OCD? Even if you donโ€™t, his story is so inspiring, and something that everyone needs to hear. Make sure to share Neilโ€™s talent with others.

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