5 Books to Read if You Love the Outlander Series ...


5 Books to Read if You Love the Outlander Series ...
5 Books to Read if You Love the Outlander Series ...

Are you looking for some books to read if you love the Outlander series. Now that the critically-acclaimed and popular Outlander series is officially on hiatus, it is best to spend the coming months reading instead of indulging in heated political debates. While we won’t have to wait for a decade for the show’s season four, there is still some time before we see Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser and Caitriona Balfe’s Claire again.

To help you escape the modern day drama and get through the show’s year-long hiatus, try one of these 5 books to read if you love the Outlander series for those who want some historical fiction, romance, and fantasy.

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Seven Stones to Stand or Fall: a Collection of Outlander Fiction

text, font, produce, If you are longing for your much-loved characters Diana Gabaldon, who also wrote the Outlander series, has a treat for you. Her novel, ‘Seven Stones to Stand or Fall,’ is a fun and exciting collection of short fiction related to Outlander. It features Jamie Fraser, Master Raymond, Lord John Grey, and more. With this, you will feel like you are back in your favorite fiction world again. This is one of the top books to read if you love the Outlander series.
$20.40 at amazon.com



text, font, product, advertising, Written by Evelyn Anthony, this novel brings you into the heart of the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745. Katherine, a member of the mighty Fraser clan, has done the unthinkable and has fallen in love with the eldest son of her father’s longtime enemy. As she and James are torn apart by war and distance, can they reunite before all of Scotland falls apart?
$5.09 at amazon.com


Hard-Hearted Highlander

purple, romance, romance novel, love, advertising, If the steamy scenes of Jamie and Claire in the Outlander series made you blush, wait until you read Julia London’s newest and perhaps sexiest novel, ‘Hard-Hearted Highlander.’ This historical Scottish romance is about a forbidden affair of an indomitable governess Bernadette Holly and brooding Highlander Rabbie Mackenzie, who’s stuck in a forced engagement to Avaline. Since it is the only way to save his clan, can he forsake a love that stirs his heart and soul?
$6.79 at amazon.com


Stars over Clear Lake

outerwear, interaction, human behavior, photo caption, product, This Loretta Ellsworth novel may not take you all the way back to 18th century Scotland, but this epic romance will surely transport you back in time. It tells the story of Lorraine Kindred – who at the height of the World War II was forced to make an impossible choice between the man she loved and her loyalty to her country.
$14.84 at amazon.com


Into the Wilderness

clothing, shoulder, dress, joint, formal wear, Sara Donati’s ‘Into the Wilderness’ is the closest Outlander-like novel you’ll find. Her star-crossed lovers, a headstrong Englishwoman, Elizabeth, and tender-hearted outsider Nathaniel, bear a lot of similarities to Diana Gabaldon’s characters. While it offers steamy scenes, historical details and multiple generations, this piece marks the cameos of Outlander’s Jamie and Claire.
$14.45 at amazon.com

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