5 Current Poets You Should Be Reading ASAP ...


5 Current Poets You Should Be Reading ASAP  ...
5 Current Poets You Should Be Reading ASAP  ...

Wondering which current poets you should be reading?
When you think of poetry, do you think of some hard to understand, rhyming piece by an old guy who’s long gone? Recently, I was exposed to an incredible world in which this stereotype is proven false. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about some of the most amazing Instagram poets, I’ve stumbled upon (https://apps.allwomenstalk.com/instagram-poets-to-follow), and if you read that article, some of the names on this list will be familiar to you. So, go check out these current poets you should be reading.

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Neil Hilborn

Neil Hilborn is probably one of the most talented, breathtaking poets today. He does live readings of his poems, and they have all left me speechless and wanting more. Hilborn suffers from OCD and covers that in his poetry. He's truly one of the best current poets you should be reading.


Sabrina Benaim

Like Neil, Sabrina also performs her poems, and like Neil’s, they are incredible. She also has a book out, titled “Depression and Other Magic Tricks.” Sabrina’s poetry covers topics such as feminism, depression, and family relationships.


TB LaBerge

This summer while traveling, I devoured LaBerge’s collection of poetry, “Unwritten Letters to You.” Going through different stages of love and relationships, his poetry both tugs at and warms your heart. He is also very active on Tumblr, and publishes most of his work there.


Rupi Kaur

Right now, I’m reading Kaur’s debut work, “Milk and Honey," and I’m hoping it never ends, because oh my goodness, Kaur’s words speak to my soul. Her poems are about relationships, love, endings, her relationship with her parents, and it is just beautiful. Her second collection of poetry, “The Sun and Her Flowers,” was just released last month and was an instant bestseller.


Olivia Gatwood

Raised in both New Mexico and Trinidad, Gatwood is an active member of the slam poetry community, and an extraordinary one, at that! She covers difficult topics, such as puberty, sexuality, equality, and girlhood.

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