18 Best Infographics for All You Writers out There ...


18 Best Infographics for All You Writers out There ...
18 Best Infographics for All You Writers out There ...

Infographics are great and there are some wonderful writing infographics out there to help in all areas of the writing process. Here are some of my favorite writing infographics that I find most useful and that hopefully you will too!

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Top Tips

text,biology,document,writing,Cha, There are some wonderful writing infographics out there and this is one of the most comprehensive. It has some fabulous hints and tips for writers. It's sure to give inspiration to all you writers out there!


Common Mistakes

text,ecosystem,font,brand,screenshot, There are some common mistakes that you can avoid and this infographic shows you which ones they are.


More Top Tips

text,font,product,diagram,line, You can never have too many writing tips! Here is another great infographic with some top tips for writers every where.


Writing Plan

web page,advertising,brand,diagram,line, Having a plan is essential when you're writing and this infographic is one which gives you some tips on how to plan your writing so you can make the most out of your writing day.


Writer's Rule Book

Metallica: Through the Never,text,advertising,THE,WRITER, I know, rules are made to be broken. If you're a literary rule breaker then fear not as this infographic also gives some rules which you can break as well as the ones which perhaps shouldn't be broken.


Tolkien's Top Tips

text,document,writing,Tolkien,Tips, Tolkien wrote the fabulous Lord of the Rings and if anyone knows anything about writing, it is the king of fantasy fiction himself.


Grammar Mistakes

NASA,text,brand,web page,advertising, There are many mistakes we can make when we're writing but this is an essential infographic for writers interested in improving their grammar and ensuring that everything makes perfect sense.



Bb Cream,Financiera,product,font,diagram, We all need a little inspiration when we're writing and this infographic is sure to inspire you. Look at the ways in which the great people of the past scheduled their days.



advertising,brand,menu,habits,MOTIVATED, If you're a budding novelist then you will be interested to see the habits of successful novelists. Study this if you're looking to be the next literary big thing!


Writing Tools

TWAIN, MARK,color,footwear,pattern,art, Fancy learning what tools some of the most famous writers use to pen their masterpieces? Have a look at this infographic.



text,design,brand,document,writing, If you're interested in writing then chances are you're also an avid reader. This infographic has some interesting information about famous authors and their works.


So You Want to Write a Novel

brand,line,advertising,YOU,WANTTO, They say that everyone has a book in them. If you have dreams of being a novelist have a look at this infographic to see the stages you will need to go through to write your literary masterpiece.



Breakfast Surprise,advertising,product,brand,SOCO, The life of a writer isn't a glamorous one. It takes hard work, discipline and perseverance to get up everyday and write. And it can be a lonely existence without work colleagues to pick you up when you're feeling down. This infographic gives some helpful tips for getting a work/life balance as a writer.


Excellent E Books

Design Ad,iPhone,ecosystem,line,advertising, E books are big business and if you want to know how to write that best-selling E book then have a look at some of the words of advice from those who have been successful themselves.


Reasons for Rejection

text,font,line,shape,document, Rejection is something that many authors become familiar. Check out these reasons for receiving rejection letters to see of there is anything you could avoid.


Words You Should Know

text,document,100,WORDS,EVERY, I love words and all writers have a love affair with them. This infographic has some interesting words that every budding author should be familiar with.


Get Creative

font,line,diagram,document,web page, All writers will know how essential it is to keep those 'creative juices' flowing. Have a look at this great infographic for hints and tips on how to get creative.



text,web page,font,brand,screenshot, Getting that punctuation right is vital. Have a look at this infographic for a little punctuation assistance.

These are just a few of the great infographics for writers. Which is your favorite?

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Can't wait to rad thru these! Thanks!

Thank you for putting together such an eclectic yet practical set of advice. In my experience, I'd add just one more small reminder: for all these rules, there is the book that breaks them. In other words, use these a s a guideline, not a set of commandments. I avoid any piece of artistic advice that starts with "never." In any creative endeavor, there is no such thing as "never"!

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