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7 Novels That Are Scarier than Any Horror Movie ...

By Holly

If you love horror movies and haunted houses, then you need to read some scary novels, too! Even though nothing will be able to jump out at you, they'll still be able to terrify you. If you want to be extra scared, make sure that you read them while you're all alone at night. If you think you're ready, here are some of the best books that will cause your skin to crawl:

1 Ticktock by Dean Koontz

text,cartoon,font,poster,biology,Dean Koontz is a remarkable novelist. He has written several books worth reading, but this is one of the best ones. It's about a man who finds a doll on his doorstep and doesn't know what it means or who it is from. However, pretty soon, he notices a creature emerging from the doll that tries to kill him. With only the help of a strange waitress that he stumbles across, he tries to survive until the next morning.

2 The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

poster,text,font,advertising,album cover,You probably already know the whole story about Hannibal Lecter, but have you actually read the novel? It's even more disturbing than you'd imagine. Of course, it's not the first book written by Thomas Harris. It's the second of the Hannibal books, so you'll want to start with Red Dragon, which is the first of the series.


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3 Hell House by Richard Matheson

poster,album cover,book,fiction,FROM,Even the title sounds terrifying, doesn't it? As you've probably already guessed, it's about an abandoned house that gets investigated by the main characters. They only search through it for one night, but that's more than enough time for them to discover why it's so horrifying.

4 House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

text,font,screenshot,brand,design,House of Leaves is not a traditional book. It has three different story lines told by three different narrators. It has pages with one sentence on them and pages where the text slants across. It's hard to describe, but it's something you'll want to tell all your friends about.

5 It by Stephen King

person,entertainment,poster,performing arts,font,You can pretty much pick up any Stephen King book and enjoy its scariness. However, It is one of the scariest stories that he's created. It's about a group of children who witness something terrifying and manage to survive. However, when they're older, they're all brought together again to witness the same horror, and some of them won't be as lucky the second time around.

6 The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

IQed,text,poster,font,book,Neil Gaiman also created Coraline, which is pretty scary for children. Meanwhile, Ocean at the End of the Lane is scary for the adults that read it. It's about a man who travels back to his hometown for a funeral and ends up remembering things about his childhood that he had completely forgotten.

7 John Dies at the End by David Wong

handwriting,font,hand,calligraphy,finger,Does the title of this novel give away the ending or is it bluffing? Well, you'll have to read it to find out. There's a lot of talk about drug usage in this book, so be prepared to read about the harsh effects of medications.

Books can be just as scary as any movie could ever be. If you don't believe it, read these novels and decide for yourself. What's the scariest novel that you've ever read?

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