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14 Nerdy Instagram Accounts for Book Lovers to Follow ...

By Lyndsie

I love books. I also love Instagram. Ergo, I love Instagrams that are all about books and literature and fictional characters and … you get the idea, yes? Yes! Not only do I love anything that promotes reading, I also love happening upon books I haven't read, books I've forgotten about, and books I love unreservedly. If you're a book lover, join me in following these Instagram accounts – and start taking snaps of your own books!

1 @booksoulmates

Book Soulmates is the co-gram of two best friends who love everything about books. They've got a cute blog, but the insta is especially gorgeous.

2 @booksandbeans

Here's where you can get both things you love best in one place - books and coffee. You're going to find some great recommendations and plenty of other followers to discuss the stories with.

6 @rissi006

Gorgeous photos and surprise book inspirations! Rissi is also a ridiculously talented writer.

7 @sorrythankyou79

This insta is devoted to vintage books. It's my happy place. There are over 2,000 posts on it, I once lost myself for two hours.

8 @escape_by_reading

Natalie's book recommendations are by turns on point and whimsical, and her photography is unfailingly funky and surreal. Two thumbs up!

9 @booklover_halfblood

Jenna's blog is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy, romance, and YA fiction!

10 @simonbooks

Honestly, if you want to find out what's up and coming in the book world, I recommend following any and all of your favorite publishers.

11 @amyoftheyabookshelf

Amy always has YA reads to suggestion, too, plus the account pops with vivid, beautifully posed photos.

12 @abookwithbea

Oh, Bea! Bea is 13 and she's about to be your new heroine. We should all enjoy a book with Bea.

13 @crumbsoffiction

Elise is the best! This is a stunning insta with well-posed pics, gorgeous art, lovely quotes, and plenty of book suggestions.

14 @bribookishconfessions

Brianna's insta is so adorable that I routinely squeal when she pops up on my feed. Her props are always perfect!

15 @worldforbooks

As an Instagram account for a bookshop, you know this is an extraordinary insta. It's one of my top favorites, if only for the quirk.

16 @bookstorefinds

This, too, is one of my top favorites, as it consists of exactly what the name implies: random amazing book store finds!

17 @joyreads

I love this insta because it's so minimalist. All the books stand out beautifully – and the mugs are always awesome, too!

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