14 Nerdy Instagram Accounts for Book Lovers to Follow ...


14 Nerdy Instagram Accounts for Book Lovers to Follow ...
14 Nerdy Instagram Accounts for Book Lovers to Follow ...

I love books. I also love Instagram. Ergo, I love Instagrams that are all about books and literature and fictional characters and … you get the idea, yes? Yes! Not only do I love anything that promotes reading, I also love happening upon books I haven't read, books I've forgotten about, and books I love unreservedly. If you're a book lover, join me in following these Instagram accounts – and start taking snaps of your own books!

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Book Soulmates is the co-gram of two best friends who love everything about books. They've got a cute blog, but the insta is especially gorgeous.


Book Soulmates is the co-gram of two best friends who love everything about books. They are both avid readers and have a passion for sharing their favorite books with the world. They have a blog where they share their reviews and recommendations, but their Instagram account is especially gorgeous. They post pictures of their favorite books, bookish quotes, and even behind-the-scenes photos of their bookish adventures.

The two friends have been running their account for over four years and have amassed over 50,000 followers. Their posts are always full of fun and interesting content, from book hauls to bookish art. They also have a book club, which is open to anyone who wants to join and discuss their favorite books.

Book Soulmates is a great resource for book lovers who want to stay up to date on the latest book releases and find new books to read. They also have an online store where they sell their favorite books, bookish apparel, and other bookish items.



Here's where you can get both things you love best in one place - books and coffee. You're going to find some great recommendations and plenty of other followers to discuss the stories with.



Gorgeous photos and surprise book inspirations! Rissi is also a ridiculously talented writer.



This insta is devoted to vintage books. It's my happy place. There are over 2,000 posts on it, I once lost myself for two hours.



Natalie's book recommendations are by turns on point and whimsical, and her photography is unfailingly funky and surreal. Two thumbs up!



Jenna's blog is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy, romance, and YA fiction!



Honestly, if you want to find out what's up and coming in the book world, I recommend following any and all of your favorite publishers.



Amy always has YA reads to suggestion, too, plus the account pops with vivid, beautifully posed photos.



Oh, Bea! Bea is 13 and she's about to be your new heroine. We should all enjoy a book with Bea.



Elise is the best! This is a stunning insta with well-posed pics, gorgeous art, lovely quotes, and plenty of book suggestions.



Brianna's insta is so adorable that I routinely squeal when she pops up on my feed. Her props are always perfect!



As an Instagram account for a bookshop, you know this is an extraordinary insta. It's one of my top favorites, if only for the quirk.



This, too, is one of my top favorites, as it consists of exactly what the name implies: random amazing book store finds!



I love this insta because it's so minimalist. All the books stand out beautifully – and the mugs are always awesome, too!

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I'll be following them for sure :)


I have one as well, it's not fantastic but it's something :)

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