7 Awesome Books to Read if You Love Vampires ...

Twilight was the first vampire book I ever fell in love with, but there are many books to read if you love vampires or books about vampires. If you need a bit of adventure, horror, and mystery in your lives, plus a little romance thrown in, check out these books. Even if you're hesitant about reading books about vampires, I bet these will be surprisingly enjoyable to you. Put away the romance novels for one day and follow me on a tour of books to read if you love vampires. You might just find a new genre to love!

1. Dracula by Bram Stoker

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Dracula is one of the classics when it comes to books to read if you love vampires. Written in 1897, it tells the story of a vampire from Transylvania. As he moves to England, a battle incurs and a nice mix of horror and mystery evolve as a result. You'll know the main character as Count Dracula, who you've probably heard of, but might not know anything about. Let this book enlighten you! You'll come to appreciate a true classic book filled with excitement and suspense. Afterall, it's not a classic for no reason!

2. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

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Now, let's talk about another one of the most popular vampire books to read. Interview with the Vampire is a best seller and made Anne Rice one of the better known authors on books about vampires. This Gothic themed horror novel was published in 1976 and is based on a short story Rice wrote around 1968. Interview with Vampires tells the story of a vampire who tells his life story to a reporter. Rice actually wrote the novel after the death of one of her young daughters. This inspired her to write about one of the child characters in the book. You might know the title of this book from the film that was produced in 1994 with Tom Cruise, which was based off this very book.

3. Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

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Alright, so I know I already mentioned Twilight once, but it most definitely deserves a spot in this list. This worldwide phenomenon is a young adult novel, but captured the heart of women of all ages. My mom actually made me read the book because she loved it so much! Just in case you haven't read it yet, this romance novel is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read in my life. It's not your typical gore and Gothic vampire novel, though you will see the vampire come out in several of the characters. This book also had three sequels and was made into the award winning film series.

4. Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris

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The Southern Vampire Mysteries is a series of books written by Charlaine Harris, who became a bestselling author as a result. These books were first published in 2001 are the inspiration for the current hit HBO series True Blood. This series involved a little mythology and history as most vampire books do. The stories center around vampires who aren't well known to the public and other supernatural beings such as werewolves, along with a new being to most of us, shapeshifters. This series is one of the best vampire series to read for young readers, and also adult readers who enjoy vampire literature. If you love True Blood, read the books and you'll have an entire new appreciation of this hit series.

5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

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While this book is a new one to me, it's a widely popular story about vampires. Abraham Lincoln's vigilant fight to save the slaves involved a fight against the undead who had remained dormant for hundreds of years. Seth Grahame-Smith stumbles upon The Secret Journal of Abraham Lincoln and uses it as a guide to reconstruct the true life story of our greatest president. This book is well known for being a great mix of history, mythology and suspense, while also unveiling a great story of the Civil War period. So for all you history buffs out there, this one might the first of all vampire books you should give a try!

6. Fangland by John Marks

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A unique update of the hit, Dracula, John Marks recreates the story of an investigative journalist who heads to Europe for an interview with a war criminal. Though you'll see similarities between Fangland and Dracula, the stores are quite different and both are worth reading.Here you'll find a good bit of mystery, suspense, and horror. I personally love that the story centers around a female as the leading character. For every girl out there needing a good read to take her mind off things, but keep her intrigued, Fangland might be for you!

7. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

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I'm sure you know this title as the popular Will Smith movie, but the novel is quite different. This vampire story written in 1954 is one of the greatest ever told, yet most people these days have never read the book. It centers around a survivor of a vampire plague known as Robert Neville who has to stay cooped up inside his house until night when he can hunt for food. His isolation is only one of the twists of this novel, as he's tormented by a vampire that keeps him enslaved in his home. Robert is finally forced to discover a moral twist in his fate when he recognizes his position in a new world which he must learn to conquer. If you want a book with a surprise ending, this one's definitely worth checking out!

I hope if you haven't considered reading vampire books yet, you'll start with some of these. If you're already obsessed with certain vampire books and haven't read these, then at least you have some new ones to try soon! Do you love or hate vampire books, or have you ever read any?