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I do hope that on March 2nd you’ll choose one of these ways to celebrate World Book Day. It’s such an easy World Day to celebrate and I think it’s important we remember the value of books and the way they enrich our lives. As entertainment goes, books are really cheap yet the return is immeasurable. Whatever your genre of choice, or (especially) if you haven’t picked up a book to read since whenever, here are some easy peasy ways to celebrate World Book Day.

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Read a Book

barbie, play, toy, doll, READ, One of the most obvious ways to celebrate World Book Day is to read a book. It’s shocking, we know, but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t read anything on this day. It doesn’t have to be anything special. You could read a book to your children, or pick up a novel on your way home from work. Rekindle your love of literature by picking up that novel you’ve been meaning to read for ages, or find a new author who excites you.


Join a Book Club

music, It's, cool, book, gotta, There’s more to reading than just picking up a book. It’s about the sharing of ideas. Get involved in World Book Day by joining a local book club or reading circle near you. Check out community websites and ads at your local community center, library or church. This is not just something for this day. It’s something that can keep you engaged in the wonderful world of literature.


Sign up to the Library

people, musical theatre, Having, fun, isnt, Mark World Book Day and create real change by signing up for a library card. The library is still has prominent place within the community, but if we don’t use them they will close. We need to teach young people the value of reading. Instead of allowing the schools to do that, practice what you preach and sign up to the library yourself. Get into the habit of taking out new books regularly, and returning them when they’re due.


Buy a Kindle

[no title], text, writing, document, brand, The Kindle is Amazon’s answer to traditional reading. It’s a small tablet that allows you to store thousands of books. It’s much more practical for traveling and reading because you don’t have to stuff books into your purse. The Kindle store is the main advantage to owning a Kindle. You can find thousands of free books from popular and independent authors. Most books cost less than $2.99, and for this you get a full-length novel. (Other e-Readers are available.)


Start a Book

text, book, close up, love, hand, Contribute to the scene by writing your own book. Think you can’t write? It is said that everybody has a book in them. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate World Book Day because even if you suck, you’ll have a better appreciation of the writing process. You start to see books in a new light after you’ve attempted to write one yourself. If you really want to create something that’s worthy of publishing, consider taking some writing classes. In the event there aren’t any in your area, go online and look for a writing seminar. There are plenty of resources designed for the beginner to get into writing.


Gift Books

, Gift a book to someone else. Join in World Book Day by embracing the true spirit of the event. It’s designed to reinvigorate our own passion for reading, but it’s also about spreading the world and getting someone else involved with it. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly expensive. Amazon has a system whereby you can gift an eBook to someone else’s Kindle. And, yes, you can cheat and give someone a book voucher if you don’t know what they’ll enjoy!


Give to Charity

product, art, food, lunch, meal, Charity is always in need of new items to sell. Get involved in World Book Day by giving some of your old books to charity. Perform a spring clean and get rid of anything that you don’t really read any longer. Give them to your local thrift shop or maybe a local hospital or care center would appreciate them. Most of us have a few books we cherish because they were given to us by someone special, or they taught us a valuable lesson. Keep these books. Covet a select few and let the others inspire someone else. You don’t have to visit a formal charity fundraiser to give your books away, either. Get some of your child’s old books and give them to someone else in the community. After all, charity begins at home!

You see? It’s so simple to celebrate World Book Day. It can cost just a few pennies but the benefits are massive. What will you be reading on World Book Day?

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I have read 31 already this year

I love books! I worked at a Borders for 5 years...For #6, never write in the cover of the book when gifting it...it immediately makes it worthless unless it is signed by the author! We used to give customers little cards that could double as a bookmark when they let us know it was a gift.

I loveeeeee books

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