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Berenstain Bears books make wonderful additions to any children's book collection. Each of them teach valuable life lessons that are important for children, as well as adults to learn. Both of my children enjoy Berenstain Bears books and remember lots of things they've learned from them. I wanted to share some of their favorites with you.

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The Berenstain Bears and the Truth

The Berenstain Bears and the Truth If you’ve been looking for ways to teach your children the importance of being honest, Berenstain Bears books are a wonderful tool. In this book, Brother Bear kicks a soccer ball in the house and Sister Bear blocks it, accidentally breaking Mama Bears Lamp. Instead of telling Mama Bear right away, the cubs decide to try to cover up the accident. This book teaches us that even when we’ve done something wrong, it’s always best to tell the truth.


The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist A fear of the dentist is something that many children experience. My son has had a fear of the dentist for quite some time. Some books about dental visit have seemed to increase his fear instead of helping, but this one helped. In this story, Sister wakes up with a loose tooth. Brother teases her and tells her that the dentist will have to yank it out when they go for his dental visit later in the day. At the dentist, Sister is afraid, but spends so much time asking the dentist questions that she doesn't realize he has removed her tooth. This story teaches us that going to the dentist is not as bad as we think.


The Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers

The Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers Teaching our children about strangers is so important. I have read this book to my children several times. In this story, Sister is always very friendly with strangers. Brother tells her that she needs to stop because it is dangerous. Papa then tells the cubs the rules of how to handle strangers and Sister becomes terrified. Mama has to clarify the rules so that Sister understands them. In the book we get to see how Sister reacts when a stranger tempts Brother with a toy.


The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Teasing

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Teasing Brother loves to tease people. He always thinks that it’s harmless, even though it hurts other people's feelings. In this story, Brother starts getting teased at school for being the Principle’s pet. He quickly sees that getting teased is not fun. When a new student comes to school, the other students start teasing him. Brother decides to stand up for the student. This book teaches a great lesson about how we need to treat each other.


The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room

The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room Do you have a difficult time getting your children to clean their rooms? I know I do. In this story Brother and Sister argue over who going to clean their messy room. Mama is tired of dealing with their disorganized room, so she grabs a box and starts tossing toys in it. Before Mama can finish loading up all of their toys, Papa steps in and helps the cubs get organized.

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The Berenstain Bears Go to School

The Berenstain Bears Go to School My son started preschool this year and I was terrified that he was going to be afraid and not like it. Much to my surprise, he loved it. In this story, Sister Bear is afraid to go to school. When school starts, she discovers that she loves it. This is a great story to read with your child before the start of school each year.


The Berenstain Bears Gossip Gang

The Berenstain Bears Gossip Gang My daughter is just in 3rd grade, but I already see that gossip starts at a young age. In “Gossip Gang” Sister enjoys talking about others. That is until the latest gossip is about her. She quickly sees that it is wrong to gossip and that it can be very hurtful.

I really enjoy reading Berenstain Bears books with my children? Do you read them with your little ones? What are some of your favorites?

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These were my favourite books! My mom even taped their one Christmas show! Still would watch it every Christmas!

These were my FAVORITE books when I was growing up. I saved them all and will be giving them to my kids!

Haha and def had all these! My brother had the teasing one! There's also the one when they have the little girl. I think it's something your going to be a big brother or your having a little sister! My parents gave that to my brother when I was born!

Boy does this take me back! Can't wait to get his collection for my girls!

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