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James Patterson novels top my list of great reads. In fact, I watch his website closely so I can put my name on the list at the library any time a new one comes out. His novels are fast reads, but they’ll suck you in and you won’t be able to put them down. At the same time, he keeps his chapters short, so you can read a bit here and there without losing the thread of the story. So without further ado, here is my list of the top seven James Patterson novels you absolutely have to read.

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Private Series

Private Series There are five books in this series and you’ll want to start with the first one and proceed in order. The first, called “Private” is one of the best James Patterson novels I’ve ever read. It’s followed by “Private, #1 Suspect,” “Private London,” “Private Berlin,” and the latest addition, “Private L.A.” I encourage you to read through all of them. The stories are wonderful and you’re going to love all the twists and turns.



Zoo I devoured this novel one weekend while I was stuck in the hospital after emergency appendectomy surgery. Thank goodness I had the foresight to bring it along because it made an otherwise miserable few days a little more tolerable. The premise of the novel is that scientists begin seeing coordinated attacks by groups of animals. As they work to solve the mystery and figure out what’s going on, you’re going to read a story that rivals anything you’ve ever read.


The Postcard Killers

The Postcard Killers You’ll rethink vacation after you read this book. It follows the story of several young couples killed while on their dream getaway. The killer mails a postcard just before the next murder occurs. The police and other authorities must get one step ahead so they can catch him before he sends his next postcard. The end will take your breath away!


Guilty Wives

Guilty Wives This is an indulgent novel for anyone who lives a quiet suburban life. A few female friends go on a getaway to Monte Carlo, but when they wake up in the morning, they’re arrested for a crime they don’t remember. Keep reading to see what happened and how they get out of the trouble they find themselves in. You’ll be glad to get back in your SUV and head home to your split level and watch television.



Sail This is another of my absolute favorite James Patterson novels. A family is taking a sailing trip, but as families do, they spend the first part of the trip fighting and trying to convince each other to just have fun. Then disaster strikes and this family is tasked with sticking together and getting to shore safely. It’ll make your heartbeat quicker, but it’ll also make you appreciate your own family a whole lot more.


Now You See Her

Now You See Her Imagine knowing that someone was being framed for murder. What would you do? Well the main character in this story faces just that dilemma. She lived a past life that required a new identity, but now her two worlds are colliding and she must decide whether she should admit the truth or stay in hiding. This story is chock full of drama and it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.



Swimsuit It’s a classic thriller. A beautiful model disappears and her parents head to the tropics determined to find her. Meanwhile, the local police do their best to locate her while the kidnapper prepares for his next move. You’ll want to sit down and finish this novel in one sitting.

What’s your favorite James Patterson book? Will you add any of these to your list?

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I recommend 1st to Die. It's the first book of the Women's Murder Club series. I have read all 12 of them and they are so good!

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It should be noted that none of these books is actually written by James Patterson....they are written James Patterson with...at least he did write the Alex Cross novels himself. As long as you enjoy reading them, I guess it doesn't matter who wrote them...

Maximum ride and confessions of a murder suspect.

Thanks for ur recommendation!! I will surely read them! Btw, I've read Sundays at Tiffany's before and I love it. James Patterson is such a great writer ;)

James Patterson is the man! I thought I'd read every one of his books, until I saw this post & realised I've missed two. So thank you for sharing!

The angel experiment !

What about Maximum Ride?

Thanks for sharing !!

I like all the (Alex Cross) series from James Patterson.

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