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7 Underrated Books with Interesting Plots ...

By Cassandra

As someone who roots for the underdogs, I always find myself drawn to underrated books that aren't as well known (or receive less than stellar ratings). Whether this is due to my secret love of a good challenge or because my curiosity gets the best of me, I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to reading stories that are foreign to me. Check out these underrated books that contain both an enticing plot and conclusion.

1 Speak, Memory

Speak, MemoryIf you are a fan of Vladimir Nabokov and his intricate writing style, you may feel inclined to agree that "Speak, Memory" is one of the top underrated books that deserves praise from critics and readers. I find it fascinating that Nabokov made the conscious decision to write his autobiography using the classic literary format.

2 Briar Rose

Briar RoseJane Yolen presents this story as a fairytale; however, if one were to examine the context clues littered throughout the text, an allegorical level will begin to take shape. As a major fan of Disney's telling of "Sleeping Beauty," I found the contrasts between the classic tale and this daunting twist to be utterly fascinating.

3 Dombey and Son

Dombey and SonAlthough not as well known as his other works, this book by Charles Dickens is just as fantastic. I love that Dickens doesn't rely on the conventional story format of boy meets girl or popular jock falls for the book nerd. I just love that a majority of the topics tackled in his books can apply to reality.

4 Hawksong (the Kiesha'ra #1)

Hawksong (the Kiesha'ra #1)I remember reading (and then falling in love with) this book during the summer of 6th grade. As it was my introduction to Amelia Atwater-Rhodes as well as her YA series, I was completely blown away by this story of the battle between shapeshifters on opposing sides. The historical bits littered throughout the book made my reading experience even more pleasant.

5 To Catch a Pirate

To Catch a PirateI have to admit that one of the reasons that I was drawn to Jade Parker's "To Catch a Pirate" is the mention of pirates. As a total sucker for the "Pirate of the Caribbean" series, I couldn't get enough of reading/watching accounts of these figures. The fact that this tale involves a pirate and romance makes it even better!

6 Nevermore

NevermoreFirst and foremost, anything that involves or refers to the brilliant Edgar Allan Poe should automatically be considered a classic! Kelly Creagh does a superb job at telling the story of writings in a journal (inspired by Poe's own works) coming to life. As the two lead characters struggle to figure out what is going on (and how to stop it before it's too late), they soon discover that out of control dreams can be a very powerful thing.

7 Forever

ForeverLastly, "Forever" is one of the most interesting books that I have ever read by Judy Blume. I love how realistic this story is in telling the tale of two people who come together and then fall apart. Regardless of the topic that she is tackling, Judy Blume always has a way with words.

Whether they are underrated or overrated, these novels will stand the test of time becaus of the brilliant authors behind them. What are some books that you feel deserve more attention from the media/readers in general? What are your favorite books to read in general?

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