Short Books for Busy People Who Want to Read More ...


Short Books for Busy People  Who Want to Read  More ...
Short Books for Busy People  Who Want to Read  More ...

Looking for some short books for busy people? Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There is nothing better than settling down in your favourite chair with a blanket and a brilliant book, but with the chaotic, fast-paced lifestyles that many of us lead today, finding the time to indulge in a spot of reading is becoming harder and harder! One of the main issues for some is that they don’t think they can commit to a novel that is 400 plus pages long because it would just take too long for them to get through it. However, good reading doesn’t always have to be about a big book. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity! Here are some terrific short books for busy people who want to read more.

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Home by Toni Morrison

text, font, product design, product, At a breezy 160 pages, this is a short but powerful novel about a Korean War veteran who is having trouble readjusting back into civilian life after several life-changing experiences fighting for his country. He revisits memories from both the war and his childhood that help him toward a path of profound change. This is one of the best short books for busy people.

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Animal Farm by George Orwell

text, font, poster, graphic design, illustration, It’s one of the most talked about novels in the history of literature and as it’s only 176 pages long and you have no excuse not to get through it and become part of the conversation! The metaphorical tale of society and revolution is just as poignant today as it was more than half a century ago!

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Drown by Junot Diaz

text, font, product, graphic design, logo, This is a collection of ten short stories, giving you much more bang for your buck in terms of reading time! Junot Diaz takes you on a diverse journey from the barrios of the Dominican Republic to the urban communities of New Jersey, with themes like family, poverty and coming of age all featuring heavily along the way.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

text, font, logo, black and white, graphics, This is another piece of classic literature that is so short you have no excuse not to add it to your intellect spectrum! The tale of the man who becomes two different people with vastly different personalities is one that has captured the imaginations of readers for centuries now, and it is still as spooky and intense now as when it was first published!

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We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

landmark, text, sky, night, poster, This is an amazing story about a girl who is acquitted of the murders of several family members, only to return to her village and be the subject of much gossip and speculation. That is, until a distant cousin appears on the scene and things start to get dark and dangerous once again!

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Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

text, font, architecture, poster, brand, It’s always good to read as much Ian McEwan as possible, and at 193 pages, Amsterdam is a great place to start. It tells the short and sharp story of two men who meet when attending the funeral of a woman whom they both used to have a relationship with, setting in motion an intense set of decisions that will change both of them forever.

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