The Best Reasons to Read Classic Books ...


The Best Reasons to Read  Classic Books ...
The Best Reasons to Read  Classic Books ...

There are lots of reasons to read classic books. If you are anything like me, then you are someone who likes to read all the time, but tends to pick novels and titles that are more modern and contemporary to your own era. I admit to making the mistake myself, of being short-sighted and failing to see that classic literature can be just as relatable to me now as it was when it was first published potentially hundreds of years ago. If you are coming to end of your current read and are starting to think about what to pick up next, then why not switch things up and go for a classic this time? Here are some of the best reasons to read classic books.

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Time Travel

Reading classic novels will give you the opportunity to travel through time, and I’m not talking about science fiction! If you usually read modern literature then it can be wonderful to go back in time to the Victorian age or before to experience the differences in culture, language and society that were prevalent at the time of your chosen classic. You can be entertained and educated at the same time, which is one of the best reasons to read classic books.



They might be some of the most famous and beloved books in history, but the great thing about classics is that they tend to be a hell of a lot cheaper than contemporary novels! The latest thriller might cost you $10 to $20, but a brand new paperback edition of a Dickens masterpiece will probably be available in most good bookstores for less than $5. And if we’re talking Kindle, then books that are over 100 years old are usually available to read for absolutely nothing!


Part of the Conversation

Once you have read a few great classics, you will notice that you feel much more a part of the conversation in terms of literary discussion. Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen etc. are all great places to start a literary conversation, and having knowledge about these subjects and eras make you sound so much more intelligent!



Once you have a base of classic literature knowledge, you will start to notice all of the little references and tributes that are made to them in lots of different TV, film and more modern writing. From Bridget Jones to The Muppet Christmas Carol, you will finally have a much broader understanding!

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