5 Books Worth Reading This Summer ...

By Wasan

5 Books Worth Reading This Summer ...

There are so many books to put on your summer reading list. Summer vacation can be pretty long when you’ve done pretty much all the activities on your bucket list. How about picking up a book or two to keep your mind active with a few novels? Just imagine sitting at a nice cafe with an iced drink and the wind lightly blowing on your back with a really good book in hand. Doesn’t that sound just amazing? Well, I’ve put together a short list of juicy books to put on your summer reading list.

1 Serial Monogamy - Kate Taylor

text, body jewelry, font, jewelry making, bead, This book explores two parallel stories simultaneously and is one of the top books to put on your summer reading list. The two stories merge together as the main character, Sharon, a bestselling author battling cancer finds herself writing a serial novel about the life of Charles Dickens through his mistress Nelly’s point of view. If you are interested in a book that involves a lot of reflecting and analysing, then this is definitely the book to add to your summer reading list.
$10.95 at amazon.com

2 All the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr

sky, text, advertising, poster, water, All The Light We Cannot See is a book about the stories of a young boy from Germany and a blind French girl, both living during the second World War. Their stories are complete opposites, as one is forced into the Nazi army as a tech wizard while the other is doing all she can to survive the war despite her father's disappearance. It is a book that requires a lot of attention as the details make all the difference. If you don’t read it this summer, you should still keep it on your bookshelf for later!
$13.59 at amazon.com

Embrace the power and pleasure of women's literature! If you have a fondness for emotional rollercoasters and complex narratives, these drama books are guaranteed to keep you hooked from the very first page to the last. Enjoy the enthralling journey these stories offer. You deserve it!

3 Conversion - Katherine Howe

bird, fauna, text, advertising, beak, Three best friends find themselves in the middle of a school-wide epidemic that has the entire nation on their toes. After a little digging, they find that this same occurence has happened long before their existence, way back when the Salem Witch Hunts were in full swing. Again, this book is one with two parallel stories. It is a light read for that poolside summer read but it is definitely worth picking up.
$$8.79 at amazon.com

4 Impulse - Ellen Hopkins

text, orange, font, poster, graphic design, Straight out of the young adult fiction section, Impulse is sure to keep you flipping through the pages. Written in poetry format, the novel explores the lives of three young adults who all find themselves in a psychiatric unit for separate reasons. Despite its shocking size, the book is actually a quick and interesting read.
$9.80 at amazon.com

5 The Circle - Dave Eggers

text, orange, font, product, poster, With the popular film being released around this time last year, this book is a must-read if you haven’t already picked it up. The story revolves around the main character, Mae and her new employment at The Circle. The company she now works for is the biggest, most powerful entity aiming to control the entire population by brainwashing them. This dystopian novel makes your head spin and really gets you thinking about life.
$8.95 at amazon.com

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