The Best Beach Reads for Summer 2018 ...


The Best Beach Reads for Summer 2018 ...
The Best Beach Reads for Summer 2018 ...

The weather is getting hotter and maybe you're getting ready for your yearly trip to the ocean. That means you need some best beach reads for summer 2018 to keep you busy while you lounge in the sun. Even if you're staying home this summer and the only place you'll be reading is in the backyard, these great best beach reads for summer 2018 are ideal for warm days spent relaxing. Don't forget your cocktail!

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When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger

text, advertising, font, area, product, If you loved "The Devil Wears Prada," you'll adore this follow up book. In it you'll follow along as Emily gets out of dodge, so to speak, and starts her life over in Greenwich, Connecticut, far from Miranda Priestly and her demands.
$19.99 at


The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll

text, product, font, book, advertising, This book comes from the same author as "Luckiest Girl Alive," and is a great look into the life of ambitious women and what it costs them to want to be on top. Murder plays a big role in the book too.
$15.60 at


You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac

text, poster, advertising, recreation, font, Imagine being a single mother and finding out that a genetic illness is going to kill you. Them imagine having to reconnect with your ex so your child isn't left all alone. This book is hard to put down and is the perfect escape for your summer.
$15.56 at


Dreams of Falling by Karen White

water, aqua, leisure, advertising, summer, This book tells the tale of three women who come of age in the 1950s and who are hiding a secret from their parents. Illicit activities, young girls starting their own life and lots of secrets? Yes, please! You won't be able to put this one down.
$23.40 at


The Banker's Wife by Cristina Alger

text, product, advertising, poster, font, When a plane goes down over the Alps, a banker's widow is left behind to unravel his secrets, which include a computer that's been encrypted. His client list is something else she must contend with and she finds out who her husband really was.
$27.00 at


Little Big Love by Katy Regan

blue, text, advertising, poster, font, This book is the story of a ten-year-old boy, his mother and his grandfather. It's a sweet look at what family looks like and what happens when you try to create the perfect one. Told from alternating perspectives, you'll get to know the whole family and what that means to each of them.
$26.00 at


The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner

water, text, aqua, product, advertising, Just the title tells you that this is a perfect beach read. The story is about a woman from New York City who makes a mistake that sends her fleeing to Massachusetts. There she heals and starts her life all over again.
$13.47 at


The Summer I Met Jack by Michelle Gable

text, font, calligraphy, product, This is a story based on the true life of an American socialite and tells an alternate tale of the Kennedy family. You'll wonder how you ever thought you knew everything about JFK.
$25.19 at


The Bucket List by Georgia Clark

text, product, font, product, line, After discovering that she has the breast cancer gene, the heroine of this story embarks on an epic bucket list even as she decides what to do with her breasts.
$25.95 at

What will you be reading on the beach this summer?

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