5 Great Books for Girls Looking for Sex Tips ...


5 Great Books for Girls Looking for Sex Tips ...
5 Great Books for Girls Looking for Sex Tips ...

Can you believe that it is 2018 and there still more of a stigma around women talking about sex than there is men talking about sex? We both like to have it, and we both like to be good at it, so why is it that guys seem to be more comfortable with sharing the ‘tips and tricks’ of the trade with each other? If you are somebody who isn’t quite confident in talking with others about your sex life, but you still want to improve your skills, so to speak, then you can always look to books to educate you. Here are five great books for sex tips for girls.

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How to Be a Great Lover by Lou Paget

text, pink, font, poster, magenta, This is a great place to start! The author has drawn from the real-life experiences of hundreds of men and women to find out what makes them tick, and then transfers these desires into information and techniques that you can then employ yourself to great effect! It spills lots of sexy secrets that you might not have even considered before!

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With How to Be a Great Lover, your intimate moments are about to transform into a wellspring of pleasure and discovery. Lou Paget delivers an explosive combination of tips and tricks that promise to elevate your bedroom expertise. Equipped with this read, you'll not only boost your confidence but also delight your partner with newfound passion. This book is your secret weapon towards becoming an unforgettable lover and adding that extra sizzle to your encounters. Unleash your potential and watch the sparks fly!


Great Sex Made Simple by Mark a. Michael and Patricia Johnson

text, book, font, flesh, advertising, Authored by both a man and a woman, this book is a great resource for giving you tips and opinions from both sides of the coin. It focuses on tantric sex, something that you might think is totally mysterious, but it is actually something that we can learn and get the best experiences from! This is the book for you if you want a deeper connection and longer lasting orgasms!

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Mark A. Michael and Patricia Johnson share their expertise in tantric practices with a reader-friendly approach in Great Sex Made Simple. It encourages readers to explore deeper levels of intimacy through ancient techniques modernized for contemporary couples. Whether you're in a new relationship or reigniting the spark in a long-term partnership, this book offers practical exercises and insights to enhance your sex life. Transform your sexual journey with their guidance for achieving profound emotional connections and take your pleasure to transcendent new heights. You can find it on amazon.com.


The Little Book of Kink: Sexy Secrets for Thrilling over-the-Edge Pleasure

footwear, shoe, fashion accessory, font, advertising, This book is written by an author with a Ph.D. and self-styled sexologist, so you know it’s going to be full of legit information! If you want to learn how to introduce a little kink into your sex life this is your bible. All those fantasies you have – this book will help you make them come true.

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The Little Book of Kink: Sexy Secrets for Thrilling over-the-Edge Pleasure is a must-have for any woman looking to spice up her sex life. Written by a Ph.D. and self-styled sexologist, the book is full of legit information and tips to help you explore the world of kink.

The book covers topics such as bondage, role-playing, and BDSM, as well as providing advice on how to introduce these elements into your sex life. It also provides practical advice on safety and communication, so you can feel confident in exploring your fantasies.

The Little Book of Kink is written in an accessible and entertaining way. It’s full of humorous anecdotes and examples, making it a fun and informative read. Plus, it’s packed with tips and tricks to help you explore your own desires.

The book also includes a wealth of resources, such as a glossary of terms, a list of recommended books and websites, and a list of sex toys and accessories. This makes it a great resource for beginners and experienced kinksters alike.


Guide to Getting It on by Paul Joannides

text, cartoon, fictional character, comics, comic book, The great thing about this book is that it is funny as well as educational. The author breaks things down and makes them relatable and fun at the same time, taking all of the fear and mystique out of sex for the readers.

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Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman

poster, muscle, fictional character, album cover, magazine, This one is super fun! After all, who better to reveal sexual secrets about what men really want than a man who has sex with men in the first place! It’s really witty and much more educational than you would think. A fun book from a fun perspective.

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